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Marty Zwilling


How To Pick A Lifestyle Consistent With Your Passion

Marty Zwilling | September 20, 2014 | Business
Too many people, young and older, let their career and their lifestyle happen to them, rather than proactively making things happen based on their personal passions, skills, and interests. Others make decisions based on someone else's interests, such as the father who wants his son to take over the family...
Laura Dunn


Women in Business: Q&A with Venus Hurst, Founder of Doll Face Brand

Laura Dunn | September 20, 2014 | Business
Venus Hurst is no stranger to entrepreneurship. In 2001, she created Venus Staffing, an agency specializing in promotional and event model staffing. More recently, Hurst has focused on her latest endeavor.
Jacqueline Wolven


A Guide to Getting the Most of Going to Conferences

Jacqueline Wolven | September 20, 2014 | Business
Don't leave it up to memory. Take a moment to reflect on the goals you made for the conference and decide if it is something that you want to repeat next year. If you really didn't get something awesome from it maybe your time and money would be better spent in another way.
Joe Peyronnin


NFL Fumbles

Joe Peyronnin | September 20, 2014 | Sports
The NFL is a huge business, but with its success comes great responsibility. Yet the owners and commissioner of the NFL have been more committed to protecting their business than in getting out ahead on several key social issues that have faced the league. Where is the leadership?
Eugene Fram


Better Board Governance. Is It the Same for Both Business and Nonprofit Organizations?

Eugene Fram | September 20, 2014 | Business
Several modest contrasts between the two entities reside in the relationship between board and staff. Many nonprofits are small organizations, with the staff being only one or two organizational levels below the board.
Peter Lehner


The People's Climate March: Join Us on September 21 to Make History

Peter Lehner | September 19, 2014 | Green
Citizen action is a powerful force for change. When so many of us, from so many disparate backgrounds, ages and interests, take to the streets together, our message cannot be ignored.
Nathan Gardels


Weekend Roundup: Scotland Stays Stitched

Nathan Gardels | September 20, 2014 | World
This week, the world reeled from a welter of cross currents. Though the "yes" vote on independence lost in the end, the Scottish referendum revealed a passionately dis-United Kingdom. Elsewhere, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in India, the other Asian giant, calling for a global economic alliance of the "world's factory and world's back office." On Wall Street, China's Alibaba launched what is expected to be the biggest market valuation of an IPO ever. Pope Francis, meanwhile, mused that we had already entered "a piecemeal WWIII." In an exclusive commentary for The WorldPost, former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown argues that the real quarrel of his fellow Scots is with the dislocations of globalization, not the Union. (continued)

Five Questions to Help Choose the Best Student Loan for You

CommonBond | September 19, 2014 | Money
Your personal financial goals have great influence over your repayment plan choice. If your financial situation improves over time, you may be in a more comfortable position to make prepayments to eliminate your remaining student debt.
Gregory Stebbins


Loving Leadership: Does Our Definition Do Us a Disservice?

Gregory Stebbins | September 19, 2014 | Business
My last blog considered how it's likely that a leader who has inspired us did so because of their loving, but that our beliefs and conditioning may get in the way of our being more loving in our leadership.
Kiyan Rajabi


10 Game-Changing Ideas on Entrepreneurship from Peter Thiel

Kiyan Rajabi | September 19, 2014 | Business
Thiel's talk heavily focused on the concept of zero-to-one innovations -- revolutionary inventions like the first airplane or home computer, which require "intensive, vertical, zero-to-one progress" -- and how to get there.
Andy Plesser


(VIDEO) Premium And Long-Tail Video Are Blending: Brightcove's Jain

Andy Plesser | September 19, 2014 | Business
AMSTERDAM -- The highs and lows of video content production are colliding as amateur and pro-am producers start making output that looks increasingly good to broadcast execs. "One really interesting thing is the democratization of content," Brightcove media SVP and GM Anil Jain tells Beet.TV in this video interview recorded...
Hope Neiman

How You Can Be A Valuable Partner To A Global Company

Hope Neiman | September 19, 2014 | Small Business
Large companies increasingly rely on a strategic rolodex of industry experts to help them stay ahead of the industry. They recognize that they can't be the best at everything and small businesses can add real value in areas where they would like to expand. By providing critical industry and technical...
Patricia Gualinga


Why I March: We Need to Leave The Oil in The Ground!

Patricia Gualinga | September 19, 2014 | Green
This isn't just the fight of indigenous peoples. It's the fight of everyone, because the air we all breathe doesn't have borders. Water doesn't have borders. While we humans place political borders, the Earth is a unified entity. And the consequences of pollution are affecting everyone.
Jed Kolko


Are We Building Too Many Single-Family Homes?

Jed Kolko | September 19, 2014 | Business
The vacancy rate for single-family homes increased in 2013 and remains well above bubble and pre-bubble levels.
Adrian Nazari


How FICO's New Credit Score Will Impact Consumers

Adrian Nazari | September 20, 2014 | Business
Fair Issac Corp., the creator of the widely used FICO score, is switching up how it computes credit scores. The new score, known as FICO 9, will be rolled out to the three major credit bureaus this fall. But what does this mean for consumers?
Nancy K. Humphreys


What's Really Wrong With Speculation?

Nancy K. Humphreys | September 19, 2014 | Business
The word "speculator" has often been conflated with "entrepreneur," and both of them tarred with the brush of "con men."
James Burgess


Canada's Shale Boom: More to Come in Montney

James Burgess | September 19, 2014 | Business
A pervasive hydrocarbon system in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) in Alberta and British Columbia, the Montney is estimated to hold 2,200 trillion cubic feet of gas, almost 29 billion barrels of natural gas liquids and over 136 billion barrels of oil.
Lili Balfour


How Entrepreneurs Can Raise Capital With Ease

Lili Balfour | September 19, 2014 | Business
The future looks bright for early-stage companies seeking capital as we prepare to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the JOBS Act - Title I.
Steve Caldwell

How to Get Educated for Free

Steve Caldwell | September 19, 2014 | Business
What could you do with the time you currently have that is 'dead' time? You know, the time waiting in lines, driving the car, getting ready in the morning, the few minutes in bed before you go to sleep.
Mike Lux


The Narrative of the Koch Brothers Tapes: The Debate We Have to Have

Mike Lux | September 19, 2014 | Politics
The only thing keeping the Republicans in the game is the Kochs and their big-money friends dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the pot, and McConnell and other party leaders know it.
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