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Ira Kalb

How to Answer the Nasty Little Question Buyers and Interviewers Love to Ask

Ira Kalb | November 28, 2015 | Business
There is one question that often strikes fear in both sales people and job candidates. For this reason, I call it the "nasty little question." In sales situations, this question usually takes the form of "What's wrong with your product? For job interviews, it usually morphs to, "What are your...
Marty Zwilling

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Create More Innovations

Marty Zwilling | November 28, 2015 | Business
What established businesses know through experience keeps them from looking for the new and innovative ways to do what they do better, cheaper, and faster. I'm convinced that's why most mature companies are slowing down or buying their innovation through acquisition, rather than building it.
Jack M. Guttentag

Selling a House to Buy a House

Jack M. Guttentag | November 28, 2015 | Business
Homeowners sell their homes and buy other homes for a variety of reasons including a need to live closer to a place of employment, to be closer to family, to enjoy a better climate, or simply to upgrade. This article is about finding the best sequence of steps in the process.
Robert Reich

Why the Sharing Economy Is Harming Workers -- and What Must Be Done

Robert Reich | November 28, 2015 | Business
It's possible to have a flexible economy and also provide workers some minimal level of security. A decent society requires no less.
Dr. Travis Bradberry

How To Blow Your Boss's Mind

Dr. Travis Bradberry | November 28, 2015 | Business
The trick to advancing your career and getting paid more is to add value by making certain your contributions are worth more than you're paid. You want to go above and beyond so that you're seen as someone highly valuable--someone the organization can't live without.
Stacey Alcorn

Finding The Treasure - An Interview with Mor Assia and Shelly Hod Moyal

Stacey Alcorn | November 28, 2015 | Business
I recently interviewed Mor Assia and Shelly Hod Moyal to find out what it takes to create a treasure map of success like iAngels has done in Israel. Here are there four simple lessons for finding the X that marks the spot.
Ira Kalb

Boosting the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

Ira Kalb | November 27, 2015 | Business
These short attention spans are being divided among an increasing number of media channels and choices. What's a marketer to do?
James Stafford

Shell Forced to Scale Back Ambitions

James Stafford | November 27, 2015 | Business
As with most oil companies, 2015 has been a rough year for Royal Dutch Shell. Then Anglo-Dutch company reported a third quarter loss of $6 billion, which included $7.9 billion in impairment charges.

Common Mistakes Men Make When Managing Women

Quora | November 27, 2015 | Business
A good manager should assess each person on the team as an individual and not bucket them into a group. A good manager works with each member of their team to identify their strengths and weaknesses and helps them succeed.
Linda Harding-Bond

The Shocking Truth About 'Having to Work on Black Friday'

Linda Harding-Bond | November 27, 2015 | Business
Every year from family and friends on Thanksgiving Day I had to hear "I can't believe you have to work tomorrow. I'm off the entire weekend!" they'd croon. I hated it. I knew that they would be in various stages of enjoyment of the day after the holiday; shopping, relaxing and eating more of those great tasting leftovers.
Dominic Nicholls

Canada May Hold The Key To Regulating The Global Payments Industry

Dominic Nicholls | November 27, 2015 | Canada Business
As merchants cannot charge different prices for cash, credit or debit payments and obviously price-in the interchange fee, those consumers using cash (e.g. those on fixed incomes such as the retired) are, in effect, paying a hidden fee. So reducing interchange fees as far as possible make sense. Or does it?
Richard Branson

The Biggest Economic and Social Opportunity of All Time

Richard Branson | November 27, 2015 | Business
COP21 represents one of those rare opportunities to change the course of human history. I believe that a net-zero target is achievable by 2050. It shouldn't worry us. To be honest, I couldn't think of a more exciting opportunity. .
Michelle Combs

Root Canal Or Annual Performance Review

Michelle Combs | November 27, 2015 | Fifty
I dread getting my annual judgement handed down to me. I am instantly transported back to the age where naps were part of school and when my favorite activity was building walls and knocking them down with my boyfriend, Clarence.
David Finkel

7 Reasons for Reducing Your Company's Reliance on You

David Finkel | November 26, 2015 | Business
In this article I wanted to hone your desire to do what is needed to succeed in this goal so you have the fuel to sustain you when the road gets temporarily tough. Here are 7 reasons why it's worth the time, energy, money, sweat, and tears to build a scalable business that is independent of yourself.
Soren Petersen

Design Innovation by Design Research

Soren Petersen | November 26, 2015 | Business
What design research is essentially effective at is increasing offering's innovativeness while ensuring usefulness and market acceptance. It achieves this feeding more of the right knowledge to designers, enabling them to jump into idea generation at a higher level.
Sam Corey

The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Is Just a Three-Hour Advertisement

Sam Corey | November 26, 2015 | Business
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade isn't a festive event; it's a prolonged commercial that manipulates families into buying products they don't need. t's time Americans really see this event for what it really is, snap out of the shopping spirit and focus on real values.
Abby Rosenbaum

The Calm before the Storm (Trends to Watch in the Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season)

Abby Rosenbaum | November 26, 2015 | Business
The significance of Black Friday remains intact, but thanks to the emergence of Black Friday as a brand, coupled with early promotions and the Internet-driven growth of omni-channel methods, it has been dramatically changed.
Shivani Bhagi

Is it Better to Be Liked or Respected at Work?

Shivani Bhagi | November 26, 2015 | Business
Effective leaders have the ability to make decisions that are right for the business, and for themselves, without worrying about what people may think of them.
James Canton

The Predictive Enterprise: Five Trends Shaping the Future of Business

James Canton | November 26, 2015 | Business
The predictive enterprise, attunes itself to the massive data universe with tools to sense, listen, enable and anticipate. This is a massive shift in the behavior and strategy of business.
Troy Campbell

A Loving Defense of Black Friday

Troy Campbell | November 26, 2015 | Business
There seems to be a mad rush in the media to analyze Black Friday. Yet, every analysis misses the point that Black Friday, which though on the surface seems like just vile consumerism, is actually, for some, quite a meaningful, ritualistic experience.
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