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Marty Zwilling

5 Reasons Startups Need Revenue As Well As Users

Marty Zwilling | June 25, 2016 | Business
Some analysts argue that revenue drives growth, while others say user growth drives revenue. Both have worked. Google reached $1B in revenue within five years of incorporation, and now has a market capitalization of over $400B. Twitter showed no focus on revenue in the first five years, but was able...
Piyush Mangukiya

[Infographic] These 32 Steps Will Help Rank Your Local Business on Google Maps

Piyush Mangukiya | June 25, 2016 | Business
Local SEO is one of the most effective of modern marketing techniques and should be implemented thoroughly and carefully. A successful local SEO strategy can bring many leads to your business, improve your reputation, and increase your revenue. In fact, according to Search...
Margarita Hakobyan

Successful Customer Engagement Strategies that Leads to Sales

Margarita Hakobyan | June 25, 2016 | Business
Since experts in marketing have been pushing content marketing for the last few years, it's not surprising that more companies are seeking information on how to drive sales and customer engagement through content marketing. A great content marketing program will absolutely drive sales for your company, but it's important to...
AJ Agrawal

7 Reasons Funding Food Startups is Trending for Major Corporations

AJ Agrawal | June 25, 2016 | Business
Major corporations and venture capitalists (VC) are investing in food startups more than ever. Society's eating habits are changing and with that, the food industry needs to make changes as well. Some major corporations, such as breakfast cereal brands, are removing unhealthy and undesirable ingredients from their products to meet...
Allan Smith

5 Simple Rules to Win at Day Trading

Allan Smith | June 25, 2016 | Business
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The usual response from most people, who find out that you are a Day trader is not one of admiration or respect as they assume that Day traders can only make money trading the financial markets, working at big investment bank with a seven figure trading account. However,...
Anne Deeter Gallaher

7 Characteristics of an Employable College Graduate

Anne Deeter Gallaher | June 25, 2016 | Business
As a college graduate, you now have a clearer and shorter path to increased earning potential, compounded retirement potential, and a longer and healthier life. In fact, young adults with a bachelor's degree earned 57% more than young adults with a...
Ira Kalb

Thanks To Poor Marketing The Brexit Vote Wrecksit

Ira Kalb | June 25, 2016 | Business
By now, you have probably heard that UK voters chose 51.9% to 48.1% to leave the European Union (EU). Just about all the articles are talking about the political and economic issues. I prefer to talk about the one that is often overlooked in political situations -- marketing.
Great Work Cultures

What Lessons Can Business Learn from Brexit?

Great Work Cultures | June 25, 2016 | Business
by by Dawna Jones, Connecting Decisions to Creating Prosperity The last thing my AirBNB guest said as she left to board a plane back to the U.K. was, "It'll be a Stay vote." She landed to discover her country had voted...
Nathan Gardels

Weekend Roundup: When Politics Fails, Look to Unifiers Like Pope Francis and Yo-Yo Ma

Nathan Gardels | June 24, 2016 | World
When politics divides instead of unites, walls off instead of embraces, what, or who, can bind fractured societies? (continued)
Nozomi Morgan

3 Steps To Stop Negativity From Taking Over

Nozomi Morgan | June 24, 2016 | Business
Have you ever hosted a pity party? If I received an invitation to a pity party, I would say "No, thank you," and seek out a more positive environment. I would much rather attend a happy party and have fun.
Mark Steber

Tax Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Mark Steber | June 24, 2016 | Business
According to the Bureau of Labor Stats last year, 12 of 20 of the fastest growing occupations were in the healthcare industry. If you are one of the many in, or are just thinking about joining, the health industry, then the tips in this blog can help you...
David Sassoli

Brexit Should Inspire More European Integration, Not Less

David Sassoli | June 24, 2016 | World
This is not a funeral for the EU, but rather a departure that will demand a shift in direction towards greater integration.
Joan Moran

4 Ways To Increase Employee Satisfaction: Pay Attention

Joan Moran | June 24, 2016 | Business
I have a secret. I love to study cashiers at supermarkets. I do the same thing at Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Costco or any place that usually has long checkout lines. I watch the faces and body language of these cashiers, both men and women, and I watch their hands...
Jacob Plitman

5 Reasons David Cameron Is The Cersei Lannister Of Brexit

Jacob Plitman | June 24, 2016 | World
As Cersei Lannister did against the Tyrells, now-former PM David Cameron courted extremism in an attempt to secure his power -- and lost it all. Maybe Cameron will watch the show in his newfound free time, but here are some of the parallels he might've missed that we commoners know all too well.   1. To quell his rivals, David Cameron made a deal with dangerous extremists In 2015, Cameron’s Conservative Party sought reelection and to cement control against the Liberal Democrats.  That year, Boris Johnson (compared to Donald Trump due both to his flip-flopping and his hair) resigned as Mayor of London to pursue a seat in Parliament on Cameron's Conservative ticket. The popular and egoistic Johnson was asked in 2015 whether he would seek to challenge David Cameron’s leadership of the Conservative Party and answered, “I think it’s highly unlikely that that will happen because there’s no vacancy.” A bombastic and effective campaigner, Johnson would be a force for a Conservative Party seeking to further conquer the centrist Liberals.   2. And Cameron thought he was the one coming out ahead Like the High Sparrow's Faith Militant, Johnson offered some short-term protection against the Conservative party's rivals. Specifically, he bolstered the Conservatives against the more right wing UK Independence Party, lead by Johnson antagonist and firebrand Nigel Farage. Upon Johnson’s decision to run on the Conservative ticket, David Cameron tweeted, “great news that Boris plans to stand (in the general election) -- I’ve always said I want my star players on the pitch."   3. But tensions quickly emerged In 2013, then-PM Cameron promised Brits a referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU. Like the High Sparrow exploiting Cersei's weakness, Boris Johnson saw his opportunity and brashly broke with Cameron, supporting British exit from the EU. In February, tensions between the two men exploded. Boris Johnson came out in favor of exiting the EU and pitted himself directly against PM Cameron, who'd publicly promised to resign if Brits voted to leave. Spectacle ensued -- in February, as Cameron spoke in favor of the Remain Campaign, Johnson shouted “rubbish, rubbish!” from the back bench. His showmanship soon won Johnson a role as the loudest (and often most controversial) backer of Brexit.   4. Suddenly Cameron found himself in deep trouble Then yesterday, Brits voted. And this morning the Brexit referendum results arrived as firm as the walls of the Great Sept: 52 percent for leaving and 48 percent for staying. Cameron resigned his post a few hours later.   5. And now the extremists may soon be fully in charge There is widespread speculation that Boris Johnson is poised to become Prime Minister. And it gets worse. In May, after lambasting “pro-Brussels fanatic” Cameron’s fight for Britain to remain in the EU, UK Independence Party’s Nigel Farrage was asked if he would work under a PM Boris Johnson. The man accused of disseminating Nazi-like anti-migrant propaganda answered, “Boris goes on surprising people... If you’d asked me six months ago I’d have said no but I’ve changed my...
Rich Nadworny

Women Innovating Africa: Meet Faith Chege

Rich Nadworny | June 24, 2016 | Business
One of the best parts, for me, of being involved with the YALI program is that I get to stay connected with the young African entrepreneurs I teach. I have to admit, that many of the women in my class impress the hell out of me with their creativity, collaboration and intent to make positive change in the world.
Laiza King

5 Things You Need to Know About Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Laiza King | June 24, 2016 | Business
As a business owner, there are numerous responsibilities that keep arising and it could get overwhelming when there's no clear guidance especially for new entrepreneurs. One of the aspects that cannot be overlooked for businesses is commercial auto insurance; an insurance that allows business owners to get commercial vehicle coverage for a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.
Dayna Steele

You Can't Turn Off Video In 2016

Dayna Steele | June 24, 2016 | Business
You can't stop it and you can't turn it off. So, I ask, how will you and your company react to a live stream when it happens to you? Add that question to your next crisis communication plan. Soon.

What I Learned from My First Job Interview at Thirteen

Quora | June 24, 2016 | Business
Describe your first interview. What lessons did you learn? originally appeared on Quora: the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Chris Lynam, on Quora: I had just turned thirteen and my mother woke me...
Katyan Roach

10 Experts Weigh In On Caribbean Businesses Love-Hate Relationship with Social Media Marketing

Katyan Roach | June 24, 2016 | Business
Running a successful business is not without its fair share of challenges. Staffing, competition in the market and economic uncertainties, are only a few of the trials the average business owner will encounter.

What It's Like to be a Female CEO in Silicon Valley

Quora | June 24, 2016 | Business
What is it like to be a female CEO in Silicon Valley? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Sarah Nahm, CEO at Lever, passionate advocate for Diversity in Tech,...
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