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Tania Yuki

3 Things Marketers Need to Know About the Upcoming Changes to Facebook's News Feed

Tania Yuki | November 20, 2014 | Business
Without valuable, relevant and entertaining content to compliment the core "friend and family" experience on the platform, Facebook loses much of its value to the consumer and runs the risk of harming the user experience.
Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors

Have a Career That You Enjoy

Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors | November 20, 2014 | College
Growing up, my parents told me to study hard to become a scientist, a doctor, a know, the high paying careers that requires years and years of schooling.
Carol Joyner


Why I'm Standing with Walmart Workers This Black Friday

Carol Joyner | November 20, 2014 | Business
The workers who help Walmart make unimaginable profits in turn receive poverty wages, unaffordable health care and irregular schedules, including hours kept at part-time as a way of denying access to paid sick days.
Stedman Graham


Leadership Matters: Decision Making Strategies for Success

Stedman Graham | November 20, 2014 | Business
"As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it." - Antoine de Saint Exupery Leaders make choices constantly. As a leader, you must develop the ability to think fast on your feet, in the middle of the race. If you spend too much time...
Mark Steber


Almost Thanksgiving and Extenders Are Still on the Table. What Does That Mean to Your Taxes?

Mark Steber | November 20, 2014 | Business
The mid-term elections are over, but -- as of this minute -- Congress has not tackled extending some tax breaks, i.e. that collective group known as the "Tax Extenders", which we address seemingly every couple of years.
Joann Lo


Our Everyday Food Worker Heroes

Joann Lo | November 20, 2014 | Business
These days, super heroes are all the rage, it seems. Most have supernatural powers to do good in the world. But we have people in our food system who don't need super powers to do good in the world -- they're our everyday food worker heroes.
Aaron Hurst


How to Design Your Dream Job

Aaron Hurst | November 20, 2014 | Business
No job is a perfect fit until you take ownership of it and make it your own. Just like buying a suit, you need to tailor it to fit you. Many people, sadly, never tailor their jobs to make them fit and end up being frustrated by their job due to lack of purpose.
Osha Maloney

How I Make the Most of What I Have as a Struggling Single Mom

Osha Maloney | November 20, 2014 | Parents
I am a mother to the most amazing, surprising, delightful child. Amidst all the joy, the challenges, the growth, I struggle every day to provide a life that is rich and abundant. In our life, riches and abundance aren't what you may imagine. It has been just me and him since day one. Always has been.
Susan Steinbrecher


21 Unmistakable Traits of a Heart-Centered Leader

Susan Steinbrecher | November 20, 2014 | Business
Heart-centered leadership is not a singular gold standard or an ultimate pinnacle that only a rare few can achieve. It lies in your ability to stop, go inward, and reflect on the course of action that you know is the right one rather than succumbing to external pressures and circumstances.


You Can Train Your Brain to Make Smarter Money Decisions. Here's How

LearnVest | November 20, 2014 | Money
The human mind doesn't always work in our best interests when it comes to spending decisions. But the good news is that scientists are trying to tackle the problem -- and uncover how we can retrain our brains to make better choices.
Jim Finkelstein


Could You Pass the Gravy? Fear and Anxiety in the 2014 Workplace

Jim Finkelstein | November 20, 2014 | Business
Employees who survived the fiscal firestorm were happy to find themselves still employed in the workplace found themselves looking over their shoulders wondering what could be coming and employing a new modus operandi.


Qdoba Gambles on All-Inclusive Pricing

BurgerBusiness | November 20, 2014 | Business
How do you set your brand apart in a tough, competitive marketplace? Mexican fast-casual chain Qdoba is finding that the concept "No charge" can help.
David Halperin


ECMC CEO Explains Deal to Buy Troubled Corinthian Campuses

David Halperin | November 20, 2014 | Business
A corporate filing from Corinthian says the purchase price is $24 million. I spoke with ECMC's CEO Dave Hawn this morning to discuss.
Lauren DeLisa


Why the Intersection of Data and Cultural Intelligence Matters

Lauren DeLisa | November 20, 2014 | Business
In an era ripe with trust deficit coupled with glorification of the self(ie), successful professionals must become better experts at deciphering trends in digital behavior, leveraging lifestyle, and linking into public sentiment in a more consistent and organic manner.
Carol Pierson Holding


Seattle Protects the Environment and Workers Too

Carol Pierson Holding | November 20, 2014 | Business
Certainly, there is a strong economic argument to be made for treating employees better. Frederick F. Reichheld's 2001 study The Loyalty Effect proved that customers are loyal not so much to a store as to its employees.
Catriona Pollard


Media Interview Survival Tips

Catriona Pollard | November 20, 2014 | Business
So you have distributed your media release or sent your pitch to a journalist and now you have had some interest from journalists - and a couple of them have called you for an interview. What do you do?
Chris Carberry


Do We Have What It Takes to Explore Space?

Chris Carberry | November 20, 2014 | Science
The recent accidents at Virgin Galactic and Orbital Sciences have stimulated an important discussion not only for space exploration, but also for our national economic future: What level of risk are we willing to accept in order to advance technology and exploration?
Lisa Abeyta


Inaction Is Tacit Approval: Why I Deleted My Uber Account

Lisa Abeyta | November 20, 2014 | Technology
I've realized that when I give my money to companies that not only ignore the negative effects of unchecked bro-culture but actively embrace dirty tactics to get the advantage, I have become part of the problem that I am working to eradicate.
Jacob Morgan


Everything You Need to Know About the Internet of Things

Jacob Morgan | November 20, 2014 | Business
A few months ago I wrote a post called, "A Simple Explanation Of The Internet Of Things" where I tried to provide some clarity around what this new connected world means for all of us.
Muhtar Kent


On the Road to Recovery

Muhtar Kent | November 20, 2014 | Media
To be sure, too many Greeks are still out of work. Too many communities, families and individuals are still just getting by after being pulled and stretched by the difficulties of recent years.But there are unmistakable signs that a brighter future is beginning to dawn.
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