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Robert Kuttner


Europe's Banks Versus European Democracy

Robert Kuttner | Posted June 29, 2012

Germany profits because the more that financial markets flee from the bonds of other nations, the more money pours into German government bunds, reducing German costs of borrowing. So, what is to be done? If Hollande is elected President of France next week and attempts to pursue a growth policy in one country, as President Francois Mitterrand tried in the 1980s, he will be punished both by money markets and by other leaders. When Mitterrand tried expansion in one country, the result was capital flight and pressure against the franc. In those years, currencies were vulnerable to conservative financial pressures. Today, with a single European currency, it's government bonds that are under attack. But it's the same story.
Daniel Wagner


Walmart, the FCPA, and America's Ability to Compete

Daniel Wagner | Posted June 29, 2012

While the FCPA has served a useful purpose, it remains stuck in another era. In today's dynamic and ever-changing international business landscape, U.S. businesses would really benefit from a less absolutist approach to the subject.
Harlan Green


What Has Caused Record Inequality (and Greater Recessions)?

Harlan Green | Posted June 29, 2012

We can no longer tolerate such a diversion of wealth that has weakened our economic and social fabric so much that we have fallen behind the rest of the developed world in education, health care, aging infrastructure, and even environmental protection.
Faith Popcorn


You Can't See the Future From the Man-Cave

Faith Popcorn | Posted June 29, 2012

The most successful companies -- both in terms of their culture and their ability to grow in the marketplace -- will be those that recognize the unprecedented and unstoppable power of women. Caves are places to hibernate. It's time to wake up.
David Isenberg


Chapter Twelve

David Isenberg | Posted June 29, 2012

Considering that Chapter 12 is best known as a chapter of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, the authors may have wished for another chapter number. On the other hand, considering the gap between some claims and evidence, perhaps it is appropriate.
Eve Simon


Be a Creative Superhero. Save the World.

Eve Simon | Posted June 29, 2012

Of course, it takes more than jumping into spandex and leaping tall design challenges in a single bound to be a true creative superhero. If you're just in it for the accolades & navel gazing, hang up those tights right now, baby. This ain't the gig for you.
Lyric Hughes Hale


The New Law of the Sea and the Geopolitics of the Internet

Lyric Hughes Hale | Posted June 29, 2012

Perhaps we have found a new metric by which to measure political power -- the cables that link nations to other nations and regions, the networks which allow their citizens to communicate with each other, and the round trip time for data to travel. It is the new Law of the Sea.
Marianne Schnall


An In-depth Interview With Life Coach Tony Robbins

Marianne Schnall | Posted June 29, 2012

In his impressive career, Tony Robbins has advised luminaries including Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and three U.S. presidents, and individuals all over the world regularly consult with him for his guidance. This candid, in-depth interview offers insight into Robbins' heart and soul.