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Mila Kofman


Correcting the Wall Street Journal on Health Insurance Reform

Mila Kofman | Posted August 12, 2012

A recent WSJ editorial claimed that because Maine deregulated its private health insurance market, premiums fell. That's simply not true.
Ernan Roman


Lowe's: Customers Personalize Their Experience with Cross-Channel Profiles

Ernan Roman | Posted August 12, 2012

Marketers cannot leverage retail purchase information without collecting it. To do so while maintaining a positive customer experience, businesses need to create incentives for customers to link their online and retail purchase behaviors.
Dan Solin


A Proposal to Fix the Broken 401(k) Plan System

Dan Solin | Posted August 12, 2012

Recent regulations by the Department of Labor requiring more transparency in fee disclosures will put a band-aid on a massive hemorrhage. We need to cure the disease and not just identify the symptoms.
Lynn-Ann Gries


With Organized Angels on Their Side, Can Start-ups Really Start Up Anywhere in the Country?

Lynn-Ann Gries | Posted August 12, 2012

Sure, some companies -- even quite successful ones -- are only angel-funded. But many need a little extra financial bump to get them to the next level.
Daniel Burrus


Design Your Website for Mobile First

Daniel Burrus | Posted August 12, 2012

Make no mistake: It's a hard trend (a certainty) that tablets and smart phones are rapidly becoming people's main computer. Therefore, you want your website to be seen well on these devices and to be useful.
Robert Reich


Why The Economy Can't Get Out of First Gear

Robert Reich | Posted August 12, 2012

We won't get the economy out of first gear until the middle class regains the bargaining power it had in the first three decades after World War II to claim a much larger share of the gains from productivity growth. Get it?
Lawrence J. White


Ticket Buyers Deserve to Have Their Rights Protected

Lawrence J. White | Posted August 12, 2012

The bottom line should be that if you buy the ticket, you should own it, and be able to do with it as you wish -- use it, resell it, or give it away.
Eva M. Clayton


A 2012 Farm Bill That Support Small Farmers and Nutritional Assistance Programs: Good for Our Nation's Health and Economy

Eva M. Clayton | Posted August 12, 2012

Food security is generally recognized as an important goal for our country. Supporting good nutrition for our needy citizens is the right and moral action for our government to take, but it is also the economically and healthy action to take where small farmers will make a significant impact.
Michele Simon


Farm Bill Jackpot - How Much Do Corporations Benefit From SNAP?

Michele Simon | Posted August 12, 2012

As Congress proposes cuts to hungry families, my new report raises questions about how much food makers, retailers and big banks profit from food stamps.
Dean Baker


The Debt Is Not a Measure of Generational Burdens

Dean Baker | Posted August 12, 2012

We can have a large amount of government debt and still have a country where income and wealth are relatively equally distributed.
Geoffrey R. Stone


Fixing Citizens United

Geoffrey R. Stone | Posted August 12, 2012

There are those who say that money doesn't really matter. What matters, they say, is the quality of the candidates and the strength of their ideas. Unfortunately, in a world of high-stakes and high-cost media, this is nonsense.
Annie Duke


Pre-Deciding Your Fate

Annie Duke | Posted August 12, 2012

One of the biggest issues with tilt, the state of being so upset you cannot think rationally, is that when a person is not thinking rationally they usually don't know it.
Rep. Anna Eshoo


Revisiting Citizens United

Rep. Anna Eshoo | Posted August 12, 2012

The outcome of American Tradition Partnership v. Bullock will have a profound effect on every state with laws designed to prevent corruption and curtail corporate power.
Dr. Daniel Seidman


Who Really Pays for Smoking?

Dr. Daniel Seidman | Posted August 12, 2012

Industries that sell products shown to make people sick when used as directed should be held accountable for their true economic and human costs.
Dave Johnson


You Can't Have Healthy Businesses Without Strong Government

Dave Johnson | Posted August 12, 2012

As much as conservatives want to pretend otherwise, you can't have strong, healthy, prospering businesses without a big, strong government. The kinds of businesses that don't want a big, strong government are exactly the kinds of businesses that We, the People don't want. Government Provides The Soil For Businesses To...
Jared Bernstein


Wow... Just Wow: The Depth of the Hole

Jared Bernstein | Posted August 12, 2012

We're talking two decades of gains in real median net worth, gone.
Tom Fox


Smart Leadership Can Ease Federal Workers' Dissatisfaction With Pay

Tom Fox | Posted August 12, 2012

Federal employee satisfaction with pay was down 6.1 percent during 2011, the most significant drop in almost 10 years. As a federal leader, your initial reaction might be to throw your hands up in air.
Richard (RJ) Eskow


Dimon Testifies -- and the People Have a Few Questions

Richard (RJ) Eskow | Posted August 12, 2012

The Senate Banking Committee should also ask Jamie Dimon why a bank which poses a systemic risk to the economy, and whose serial criminality he's been unable to stop, should continue to exist.
Larry Magid


Apple and Google 3D Mapping More Gimmicky Than Practical

Larry Magid | Posted August 12, 2012

What you see looks very cool, but I can only think of a few practical applications. For the most part, what you want when using a mapping program is accurate turn-by-turn directions, traffic data and real-time updates on how many more miles you have to drive and when you're likely to arrive.
Lucia Brawley


Citizens United: Ushering America Toward a Feudal Society

Lucia Brawley | Posted August 12, 2012

We must use our creativity, our reason, and our very "99-percentness" to prevent our society from becoming a feudal one in which we all serve a few billionaire masters who use money to garner the support of people who will vote against their own interests.
Olivier Blanchard


Lessons From Latvia

Olivier Blanchard | Posted August 12, 2012

The Latvian experience makes a strong political case for taking into account adjustment fatigue in Europe.
Ethan Rome


Don't Be Fooled By the Big Insurance Companies

Ethan Rome | Posted August 12, 2012

Goodwill gestures aren't enforceable when you're sick. Insurance companies can't be trusted to behave as good actors unless laws are on the books to prevent them from being bad actors.
Rahilla Zafar


Nielsen's Rick Kash: Winning Companies Understand Profitable Consumers

Rahilla Zafar | Posted August 12, 2012

In How Companies Win, Rick Kash, vice chair of Nielsen along with its chief executive officer David Calhoun, explain how successful companies have switched to a new demand driven strategy.
James Burwood


Stop Competing!

James Burwood | Posted August 12, 2012

Growing up in the '80s my introduction to capitalism was very much of the red-braces, huge mobile phones and Porsche 911 variety. Competition was good, and the more competition there was, the better it was for everyone, right?
Chloe Spencer


Five Ingredients to Make a Commercial Viral

Chloe Spencer | Posted August 12, 2012

Commercials are excellent means of advertising. But they only reach audiences watching TV at that one moment that they are playing. Unless, they were good enough to go viral. So what makes a commercial good enough to be shared online and spread like wildfire?
Pontish Yeramyan


9 Ways to Practice Being a Humble Leader

Pontish Yeramyan | Posted August 12, 2012

It is one thing to talk about humility and entirely another to practice it. How do you bring humility to your interactions with your people? What about with your boss? Your customers? These 9 practices can bring out the strength in humility and open pathways to connection and growth.
Francisco J. Sanchez


Why Exports are Working for Latino Businesses

Francisco J. Sanchez | Posted August 12, 2012

Read More: Export, Import, Latinos, Trade
The competition facing a business is no longer just across the street: it's across borders and overseas and exporting is a key to our economic growth. As Under Secretary for International Trade, I believe that Latino businesses are well-positioned to help lead this effort.
Paul Stoller


Delta Blues

Paul Stoller | Posted August 12, 2012

It almost summer and the peak season for travel agony is upon us. Most of us know of a travel horror story -- a tale that usually underscores the institutional insensitivity of the corporations that in large measure shape the quality of our comings and goings.
Richard Kirsch


The House's Latest Health Care Vote Puts Campaign Cash Ahead of People

Richard Kirsch | Posted August 12, 2012

Last week the House voted to increase health care costs on middle-class families in order to protect one of the most profitable industries in the country. And almost nobody noticed.
Trita Parsi


Europe's Unique Opportunity to Act

Trita Parsi | Posted August 12, 2012

By delaying -- not lifting -- its impending embargo on Iranian oil for six months, Europe will give decisive breathing space to an otherwise constricted negotiation process. The Iranians should, in turn, freeze the enrichment of 20 percent uranium for that same period.
Chris Johnson


Counter, Counter Culture

Chris Johnson | Posted August 12, 2012

You can hardly swing a foam dart gun without hitting an XBox in startupville these days. We're all for a little fun around the office, but at some point, the hoodie and Vans pendulum swings too far, and a little formality is needed.
David Coates


The Unfinished Business of the Obama Administration: Bank Reform

David Coates | Posted August 12, 2012

In a very real sense, the important dimensions of effective bank reform have not so much stalled as simply not happened at all.
Jeff Danziger


Gaffes for Everybody

Jeff Danziger | Posted August 12, 2012

Marty Zwilling


Startups Today Need Anticipatory Customer Service

Marty Zwilling | Posted August 12, 2012

Reactionary customer service won't generate the loyalty you need to survive. When was the last time you took a hard look at your service?
Sharan Burrow


Democracy of the Banks, by the Banks, for the Banks

Sharan Burrow | Posted August 12, 2012

The global economic orthodoxy is being widely rejected by people who are pessimistic about the direction their country is taking. Most people have little faith that the lives of their children and future generations will be better off.
Janet Tavakoli


Hedge Fund Managers: Sex Talk and Prostitutes

Janet Tavakoli | Posted August 12, 2012

Some hedge fund managers feel they are above appearances, if not the law. Some investors believe prostitution isn't a big deal, too. But there's a large cohort of investors that won't go near a hedge fund manager with a reputation for using prostitutes.
Mohamed A. El-Erian


Spain Shows Policymakers Are Running Out of Time

Mohamed A. El-Erian | Posted August 12, 2012

Difficult decisions need to be made now, and not just about individual countries but also about the composition and functioning of the euro zone as a whole. There is still time for policymakers to regain control. But not much.