The Toilet is Killing You Softly

07/13/2010 11:17 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

I was riding the subway last night on my way to a clients home, observing people rushing in and out of each station, then frantically looking for a seat to pass out on. I was thinking most of them have been sitting in an office all day and now they are stressing out if they can't sit! So now I am in the airport and on the way here in the air train it was the same scenario. People rushing and pushing to get a seat for a 10 minute ride to then get on a plane to be sitting for 10 hours!

Some of the worst inventions of the last few centuries have been the chair, sofa and toilet seat (except in Japan where they are heated!) in terms of how unhealthy they are. Yes, you spend many hours each day in some seat somewhere at home, airports, trains, buses, offices etc, but the posture you are holding in this position is putting immense pressure on the coccyx and lower vertebra which are small and holding the whole torso. At the same time the torso is pressing down on the buttocks and putting pressure behind thighs squashing them in. This effects the circulation and blood pressure of the whole body. Sounds like a mess doesn't it? Well it is a big unhealthy mess.

The problem with the west is that every invention always involves making money instead of being useful to other humans. Most are inventions to make life more exciting, entertaining or easier. For thousands of years people have been sitting on the floor or squatting on the toilet, which is the natural sitting posture. When you squat or sit on the ground in a crossed legged position, the legs take most of the weight away from the back by spreading the weight over a bigger and wider area. Now there is little pressure on the back, which has the nerve fibers (central nervous system) running through it. People who sit or lie down most of the time have back or neck problems leading to nervous issues (I fell the light bulb that just went off in you).

Then the squatting posture for going to the bathroom is perfect as it puts pressure on the low part of the body (stomach and intestines), which helps to naturally push out the feces. There is no forceful pushing or holding the breath to relieve oneself. This forceful pushing has created many such issues as piles or hemorrhoids, which are the body's way of protecting itself (I felt that bulb too.)

Try to get use to sitting on the floor in a crossed legged posture. If you cannot, it is a sign of bad health and a stiff body. Place a few cushions on the floor then sit halfway on them and cross the legs so the back is supported and pressure comes to the inside of the thighs. Eventually your legs will open up and you will be very comfortable.

We are not supposed to keep making new inventions to make our life easier. This easiness we keep searching and buying into keeps us from doing the work we need to do, to build strength