04/06/2015 10:53 am ET | Updated Jun 06, 2015

Why #BlackOutDay Matters for Teens Like Me

#BlackOutDay is my new favorite holiday.

I've written a lot about how I have issues with seeing myself in the media and how I get emotional when I see beautiful black people. #BlackOutDay addresses all of that. It's a day for black people to share selfies on the Internet while recognizing and sharing our beauty.

According to the co-creator of the event, Tumblr user expect-the-greatest, it's about "celebrating the beauty of Blackness" -- something he describes as being of "the UTMOST importance. Luckily people wanted to get behind the idea, and @recklessthottie created the #Blackout tag."

These pictures reflect a small amount of the beautiful people that share selfies each #BlackOutDay, but I hope they inspire you the way they inspire me.

#BlackOutDay the melanin is what makes you beautiful, the pigment in your skin is what makes you glow

— Dryad (@__LASIDA) April 3, 2015

My sister is lowkey a Goddess #BlackOutDay @zeealiz

— Malcolm FleX (@Beyamce) April 3, 2015

— gothip girl (@ezziestreasures) April 3, 2015

— PostBadMelanin (@melaninmatters) April 3, 2015

when you strugglin for a good selfie on #BlackOutDay

— champagne mami (@ronfswansons) April 3, 2015

#BlackOutDay a giraffe hides in a bush

— GroovyBee (@La_Soula) April 3, 2015

i love being black, queer and trans no matter how difficult it can be at times!! (he/they) #blackoutday #blackout

— femme prince (@feministnun) April 3, 2015

This is how you slay HBCU style! #BlackOutDay

— Anti_Intellect (@Anti_Intellect) April 3, 2015

My Ace. The breast cancer survivor. ♥️ #BlackoutDay #BlackoutFriday

— #BlackExperience (@kidnoble) April 3, 2015

Your complexion is something you should never be ashamed of but rather something you should embrace #BlackOutDay

— hana (@_hanaibrahim) April 3, 2015

Happy #BlackOutDay from forehead and dark chocolate.

— Dandii Sun (@ObeyTheArt) April 3, 2015

My family ❤️we are West Indian, Black-American and Jewish and our melanin is beautiful #BlackOutDay #melanin

— amour_votre (@shelbzhart) April 3, 2015

Black sharpies to make black art on #BlackOutDay.

— Dandii Sun (@ObeyTheArt) April 3, 2015

Black art for #blackoutday x obeytheart

— Dandii Sun (@ObeyTheArt) April 3, 2015

Surprised faces and overexposed lighting #BLACKOUT #BlackoutDay

— alien (@amizouis) April 3, 2015

— Malcolm FleX (@Beyamce) March 6, 2015

Happy #BlackOutDay 🙈 be proud of your skin ✌️💖

— khadie fall (@KhadieFall) March 6, 2015

As a kid, I was teased for being 'too dark'. Now I know that all shades of black are equally beautiful. #BlackOutDay

— Raven (@ravenamo) March 6, 2015

— ❤ InFinite ❤ (@Van_eSa_) March 7, 2015

when I was feeling like black barbie 🌸 #blackout #blackoutday 🌸

— salem (@salemmitchell) March 7, 2015

— Paige Edwards (@Paigerificc_) March 6, 2015

— ♡ BIRTHDAY BITCH ♡ (@QueenIdle) March 6, 2015

— Amandla Stenberg (@amandlastenberg) March 6, 2015

— FKA tinder (@LILMATTDOGG) March 6, 2015

— TheTribeGoddess (@TaffinyKablay) April 3, 2015

Queens! 😍 RT "@yungburgers: thank God everyday for the pigment #BlackOutDay #blackout"

— Liya (@lucidliya) April 3, 2015

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