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July 31, 2014

President Obama: Be Even Bolder on Global Warming

The actions the Obama administration has taken so far, given that the Congress is refusing to act -- including regulating carbon emissions in coal plants, getting the car companies to agree to higher average gas mileage, and issuing a good set of executive orders to help address the issue -- are all good steps forward. But given the truly massive consequences scientists and economists see coming, for the sake of future generations, the seriousness of this issue needs to be addressed with even bigger, bolder ideas right away. As hamstrung as Obama is by Congress, he needs to push much harder for a truly comprehensive executive branch plan of regulatory measures, executive orders, and agency-by-agency reviews. The place he needs to start is to put a stop to the Keystone pipeline foolishness once and for all.

GOP Pushes Obama Lawsuit Through House

Baby Crying
kirza via Getty Images

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Alarming Information Revealed About American Suicide Bomber In Syria

American Suicide Bomber Syria

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Death Toll In Gaza Continues Its Terrifying Climb

Gaza July 30

Israeli Military Reportedly Calls Up 16,000 More Reserve Troops... U.S. Has Ties To Bombed Gaza Plant...

American Volunteers Isolated After Ebola Exposure

Ebola Liberia
SEYLLOU via Getty Images

ALSO: Some Ebola-Ravaged Villages Resistant To International Aid

NRA Member Who Lost Sister To Gun Violence Makes Tearful Plea

Elvin Daniel

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'Fact-Averse' GOP Candidate Stuns Reporter

Lenar Whitney Scares People
Lenar Whitney YouTube

The Upsetting Reason African Elephants May Be Extinct By 2020

African Elephant

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Obama Has Something To Smile About...

Barack Obama

...BUT: The Government Hurt The Economy In 11 Of The Past 12 Quarters

Obama Failure
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

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World Bank Faces Pushback Over Leaked Safeguards

Jim Yong Kim
PRAKASH SINGH via Getty Images

8-Year-Old Accidentally Shot And Killed While Asleep In Bed

Jakari Pearson

Lawmakers Propose More Help For Campus Sex Assault Victims

Barbara Boxer

What It's Like To Be An Undocumented Worker In South Carolina

Shadow Man
Ian Sanderson via Getty Images

Verizon's 'Disturbing' Plan Under Fire

Verizon Store
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Seattle Cop Who Issued 80 Percent Of Marijuana Tickets Removed From Duty

Marijuana Police Arrest

Company That Has Never Made Any 'Money' Is Valued At $10 Billion


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New Book Goes Deep Inside The Rise Of Reagan

Perlstein Reagan

REPORT: Officials Who Knew About Brutal CIA Tactics Told To Keep Quiet

Colin Powell
KAZUHIRO NOGI via Getty Images

Children's Deaths Prompt New York Governor's Bold Medical Marijuana Move

Medical Marijuana Plant
David McNew via Getty Images

Amazon Will Pay You $1 To Choose Slow Shipping

Amazon Shipping

Bush Finishes His Latest Masterpiece: A Biography Of His Father

George Bush
Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

Russell Brand's Devastating Takedown Of Sean Hannity

Sean Russell

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New York Lawmaker Wants To Outlaw Police Chokeholds Once And For All

Eric Garner

Obama Administration Goes After Scott Walker's Voter ID Law

Scott Walker

Watch A Senator Totally School His Climate Change-Denying Colleague


Geraldo Rivera Slams Drudge For 'Disgusting' Take On Immigration

Rommel Demano via Getty Images

Pope Francis May Be 'Too Liberal' For House Republicans To Honor

Pope Francis
ANDREAS SOLARO via Getty Images

Tobacco Companies Have Made 9 Changes To Cigarettes, And They're All Scary Bad.

Maciej Toporowicz, NYC via Getty Images

Gov Gifty's Defense: Blame The Woman!

Bob Mcdonnell Legal Woes

Republicans Have A New Plan To Win Over Women


GOPer Pushes Right Wing Conspiracy Film Viewing As School Requirement

Alan Hays Florida

Michelle Obama Issues Challenge To Men Around The World

Michelle Obama

'Problem Solver' Group Goes After Critic Who Points Out They Don't Solve Problems

No Labels Hope For Gridlock

Paul Ryan's Headache-Inducing Climate Change Stance

Paul Ryan

Ex-IRS Official Criticized GOP As 'Crazies,' 'Assholes' In Emails

Lois Lerner
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Some Russians Increasingly Alarmed Over Putin's Tactics


Ukrainian Separatists Vent Frustration...

There Can't Be Peace Until Israelis and Palestinians Start Seeing Each Other as Humans

Yamaka Hijab

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Ax Windshield

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Why Women Are Getting Smarter Faster Than Men

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Westboro Baptist Church Will Protest Pretty Much Every Tech Company


This Is What It Looks Like When Vin Diesel Speaks Six Different Languages

Vin Diesel
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Another Good Reason Not To Work Late

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Rolling Stone

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The Scary Way Midlife Drinking Could Impact Memory Later In Life

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14 Science-Backed Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Feet On Scale
y_seki via Getty Images

Pit Bulls Attack Their Human... WITH KISSES

Pit Bull
Kimberly Rodriguez

Dad's 'Pregnancy' Photos Are Freakin' Hilarious

Dad Pregnancy Photo

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