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Another 'Revenue Neutral' Carbon Tax That's Anything But

Trudeau Chris Wattie / Reuters

Last week, the Trudeau government announced a 'technical paper' on its proposed federal carbon tax which suggests it will mimic Alberta's carbon tax plan, quashing the optimism of those who believed the federal government when they said their carbon tax would be revenue neutral.

Calgary Firefighters Rescue Bobcat Kittens From Burning Home

Calgary Fire Department

Edmonton Beer Thieves Make Off With $160,000 In Suds

PeopleImages via Getty Images

Edmonton Teacher Fired After Being Charged For Child Porn

eranicle via Getty Images

South Carolina Man Charged With Kidnapping Alberta Model

Pickens County Sherrif's Dept.

WATCH: Alberta Legislature Takes A Moment To Recognize WWE Champion


Calgary Closes Park After Metal Slides Prove Too Hot For Tiny Tushes

CREATISTA via Getty Images

Abandoned Alberta Homes = 'Creepiest Neighbourhood In The World'

Seph Lawless

Canada's Best Cities For Jobs AND Affordable Homes

benkrut via Getty Images

Alberta Woman Charged With Threatening Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Pool via Getty Images

Fight Between Syrian And Canadian Students Sparks Protest In Alberta

Google Maps

Environment Canada Reminds Albertans Of Fleeting Joy Of Patio Season

Nigel Midwinter via Getty Images

Summer Temperatures Will Feel Like A Teeter-Totter: Meteorologist

Getty Images

2 Shot To Death In Calgary Superstore Parking Lot

Suspect Charged In Calgary Sexual Assault Of 5-Year-Old

Calgary Police Service

CANADA WTF? Noble Beaver Toppled As Nation's Best Animal

ChiccoDodiFC via Getty Images

Teen Suspect Wanted Gift To Mark Sask. Shooting Anniversary

Matthew Smith / Reuters

Calgary Police Searching For 2 Groups Who Opened Fire At Each Other

Calgary Police Service

Calgary Girl's Brave Head Shave Captures Hearts Worldwide

Brangwyn Jones: Photographer

Albertan Guilty Of Manslaughter In Wife's Strangulation Death


Wildrose, Alberta PCs Merging To Form United Conservative Party


Calgary Stampede's 2017 Menu Will Stop Your Heart

Calgary Stampede

These Are The Brands Canadians Trust Most This Year

pixelfit via Getty Images

Most Canadians Who Live In Flood Zones Don't Know It: Study

Todd Korol / Reuters

Judge Likens Alberta Man's Faked Suicide Attempt To A 'B-Movie'

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Expect Standing Rock-Style Resistance To Keystone XL: Native Leader

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Oil Prices 4 Years From Collapse Amid Historic Shift In Transport: Report

Karneg via Getty Images

Yahoo! The Calgary Stampede Just Got A Whole Lot More Affordable

Dan Bannister via Getty Images

Rona Ambrose Says Goodbye

Adrian Wyld/CP


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