February 12, 2016
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CBD Is The Chemical Medical Marijuana Is Buzzing About

Medical Marijuana Gordon Swanson via Getty Images

Marijuana's bad boy image has been getting a well-earned makeover in recent years, thanks in part to its surging popularity as a legitimate form of herbal medicine. In fact, it's not cannabis' infamous THC content that's creating a real buzz these days. Instead, it's a lesser-known chemical called CBD that is attracting much of the attention.

An App For Early Earthquake Detection Could Be Coming Soon

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

► 1 Cougar Is Scary. 3 Cougars Are Terrifying.


First Nations Athlete Banned From B.C. 'All Native' Tournament


B.C. + Alberta = BFF, Clark Says

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Infrastructure Money Will Be Distributed Fairly, Sohi Pledges

Adrian Wyld/CP

B.C. Could Be The 'Nashville Of Canada': Bublé

Bobby Bank via Getty Images

Bragging On Social Media Leads To ICBC Fraud Busts

Bloomberg via Getty Images

B.C. Sees Highest Levels Of Syphilis In 30 Years


Texting Driver Rear-Ends Police Cruiser, Continues To Text

Inti St Clair via Getty Images

Party's Over For Toronto, Vancouver Housing Markets: TD

Andrew McLachlan via Getty Images

There's 'A Little Baloney' In Liberals' Claim About Pipelines

Jonathan Hayward/CP

This Larger-Than-Life Invention Wins B.C. Team An Oscar

Aircover Inflatables/Facebook

Alleged Smugglers On Trial Over Alan Kurdi's Death


B.C. Hasn't Ignored 'Shadow Flipping': Real Estate Superintendent

davemantel via Getty Images

B.C. Swears It Didn't Throw Shade At Alberta


WATCH: B.C. Avalanche Sweeps Snowmobiler To Edge Of Cliff

Terry Freeman/Facebook

Translink Hires New CEO From Seattle

Whistler Blackcomb Is On Track For A Record-Breaking Season

Kurt Werby via Getty Images

B.C. High School Team Suspended For Bullying

Oak Bay High School

Pride Flag Burned At UBC During OUTWeek


Indigenous People Will Be Consulted On Resource Projects: Carr

Adrian Wyld/CP

'Shadow Flipping' Not Just A Vancouver Problem


All Hail Ryan Reynolds, Sexiest Dad In The Land

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Her Lifelong Diagnosis Didn't Stop This Woman From Getting Fit

Rupinder Riar

Shoe With Human Foot Inside Washes Up On B.C. Beach Again

Mitch Diamond via Getty Images

B.C. Vows Action As Vancouver Housing Hits The Stratosphere

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Rescued B.C. Family Skied Out Of Bounds To Find Shortcut

Franz Pritz via Getty Images

Real Estate Council Can't Be Trusted To Probe Vancouver Agents: NDP

Brian Stablyk via Getty Images


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