Malkin Dare


All Kids Should Have the Same Opportunities In Education

Malkin Dare | August 20, 2014 | Canada
Children's futures are too important a matter to be decided by ideological battles. As a matter of social justice -- an urgent matter of social justice -- we need policies that will help disadvantaged children. That should be an objective whether you're right-wing, left-wing, or even Martian.
Michael Møller

International Rules Aren't Made to Be Broken

Michael Møller | August 20, 2014 | Canada
The international rules that determine how we should be governing the affairs of the world don't seem to matter much these days. A well-organized society is based on agreed-upon rules of the game. Setting them aside and trampling on them only brings chaos that will affect us all sooner rather than later.


Why Should Gender Matter When It Comes To Human Rights?

G(irls)20 | August 20, 2014 | Canada
A female in my nation may state education as the most important right for her, but others may feel the right to clean drinking water, basic healthcare, or freedom from torture more pressing. The fact of the matter is that human rights are all important. All of them must be fought for, and, once gained, must be retained.
Anne Day


Top 10 Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Anne Day | August 20, 2014 | Canada Business
Over the years I have worked with hundreds of new entrepreneurs. I often compare starting a business to motherhood -- both involve excitement, joy and complete fear and self doubt as to whether you are up for the job -- be it as a business owner or parent. Here are some pointers for new entrepreneurs.
Dr. Carolyn Ee


Why I Am no Longer a Stay-At-Home Parent

Dr. Carolyn Ee | August 20, 2014 | Canada Living
Children are an incredible paradox. They bring so much joy, so many tender moments, so many blissful times when you're just enjoying them, and they're enjoying you, and you're laughing at something funny your toddler said, or something adorable your baby did. And then there's the other 23 hours and 30 minutes of the day you have to get through.
Dariusz Dziewanski


How Canada's Foreign Aid Fails to Prepare for Ebola

Dariusz Dziewanski | August 20, 2014 | Canada
As Liberians and other West Africans bravely struggle to contain Ebola, Canada's foreign engagements are shifting away from they types of initiatives that could help prevent such an epidemic. Working with countries like Liberia to strengthen health systems does not seem to be in Canada's interests any longer.
Charlotte Ottaway

People Are Defined By How They Lived, Not How They Died

Charlotte Ottaway | August 20, 2014 | Canada Living
On March 11, 2001, a woman named April died by suicide. Her friend Jenn was the one who found her. It was an extremely traumatic event in Jenn's life. It transformed her entire world. Let's encourage others to have careful and candid conversations about suicide. For Jenn's family, suicide exists at the dinner table and at every family gathering, because there's always an empty chair. But most families are not having these conversations.
David Suzuki


Politicians: Clean Water, Air and Soil Should Be Your Priority

David Suzuki | August 20, 2014 | Canada
We are, above all else, biological beings, with an absolute need for clean air from the moment of birth to the last death rattle. We are about 60 per cent water by weight, so we need clean water to be healthy. We eat plants and animals for our nourishment, so whatever they're exposed to ends up in our bodies. We need clean soil to give us clean food. These are basic, biological facts and should be the prism through which any decision is made at individual, corporate or government levels. Protection of air, water, soil and the web of life should be the highest social, political and economic priority.
Dr Dina Kulik

Six Ways to Get Your Child Excited for the School Year

Dr Dina Kulik | August 20, 2014 | Canada Living
Some parents, my husband and I included, are eager to ship their kid off to school. But some children need more time to get in the proper mindset of heading back to the classroom. I think with the right preparation most kids can feel eager to head back to the schoolyard. Here are some tips for parents and kids alike to get excited about the school year.
Lizanne Foster

Why Supporting Students With Special Needs Benefits Us All

Lizanne Foster | August 19, 2014 | Canada British Columbia
What if we looked at the whole concept of benefits in a different way. Who actually benefits when we support students whose brains work differently? We are going to need out-of-the-box kinds of thinking that students with special needs do naturally, all the time. We need special solutions to the special challenges we all face.
Dermod Travis


What We Should Take Away From The Mount Polley Spill

Dermod Travis | August 19, 2014 | Canada British Columbia
B.C.'s economy -- already facing what seems like the perfect economic storm of stagnant job growth, an acute skills shortage, and the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision on First Nation land title claims -- can now add one more low pressure system into that mix: the Mount Polley mine disaster.
Richard Perron

Protecting Whistleblowers Is the Key to Ending Corruption

Richard Perron | August 19, 2014 | Canada Politics
Passing legislation to protect whistleblowers is critical in the fight to end corruption and collusion. And that's the point I'll be making on behalf of the 25,500 members of Syndicat de professionnelles et professionnels du gouvernement du Québec (SPGQ), in my talk at the Peoples' Social Forum.
Marilyn Linton


The New Way to Get Rid of That Bad Tattoo

Marilyn Linton | August 20, 2014 | Canada Living
In the old days tattoos used to be surgically removed, but in the last two decades laser removal has become the de-inking choice. Still, as countless YouTube videos have shown, having a tattoo lasered off has been neither pretty nor without pain or scarring. But all that may be changing.
Evan Thompson

How To Deal With the Boss From Hell

Evan Thompson | August 20, 2014 | Canada Living
A boss from hell can get you to do tasks that lower your self-esteem and make you their professional slave for as long as you allow it. For example, I once went on a business trip with a new boss to call on clients where I ended up being tasked with chatting up women for him.
Sabrina Rubli


When Menstruation Is a Dirty Word, Girls Lose Out

Sabrina Rubli | August 19, 2014 | Canada Impact
It won't surprise you to hear that women are among the world's most vulnerable populations. But it might surprise you to learn that one of the most difficult parts about being a woman is also one of the most natural: menstruation. A girl's transition into womanhood is often marked by the beginning of her menstrual cycle, an occasion that is celebrated in many cultures as an important rite of passage. But in many parts of East Africa, it marks the beginning of a lifetime of discomfort, embarrassing health problems, and even harassment. It marks the beginning of schoolyard bullying, missed days of school, and the start of a lifetime viewed as a sexual object.
Sandra Charron

The Kardashians Shouldn't Downplay Rob's Depression

Sandra Charron | August 19, 2014 | Canada Living
Sadly, these people who are famous for being famous, could be using their celebrity status to promote something other than themselves, but instead chose to discuss depression as a simple emotion that Rob will simply overcome by his sisters nattering at him, and putting him down further.
Andrea Lekushoff


Missing a Middle Manager? Here's How a PR Agency Can Help

Andrea Lekushoff | August 19, 2014 | Canada Business
As many of us know, middle managers are disappearing because Baby Boomers are retiring, but also because companies have fewer entry-level workers to promote to middle management roles. These teams can turn to PR agencies, many of whom are well-positioned to bridge these critical skills gaps.
Julia Rosien

Smart Sleep Strategies For Travellers

Julia Rosien | August 19, 2014 | Canada Travel
Summer and travel -- our two favorite words. Trouble is, travel's uninvited companion, sleep deprivation, usually hitches a ride and brings everyone down. But a few simple tips could send your sleep challenges packing, leaving you to energized and ready for adventure.
David Martin


This Is Why Today's Youth Is Apathetic

David Martin | August 19, 2014 | Canada
If the top dog in the world of finance couldn't figure it out, how is today's 19-year-old supposed to identify what's wrong and go after those at fault? The current situation doesn't lend itself to short, snappy slogans. Instead, he'd have to have a giant sign to carry in a protest march that read something like: "Down with modern financial capitalism or at least have it regulated by a body with some effective oversight and the ability to regulate and curtail new, harmful species of financial investment vehicles.
The Purple Fig


How it Really Feels to Turn 40

The Purple Fig | August 19, 2014 | Canada Living
My body is older, and although I'm more fit now than I was in my 20s, my muscles and bones and forehead and liver will never reverse in time to what they once were. And then there's the whole, ever closer to my earthly demise thing.
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