Rhonda Scharf

It Pays to Pay Attention to Details

Rhonda Scharf | April 26, 2015 | Canada Business
Do you know how many emails you get each day that you shouldn't be receiving? When I teach my time management programs, I ask this and very rarely does anyone know the answer. For those of you allergic to details you are probably wondering why these details matter. They matter because they add up to a more efficient use of your time.
Carol Linnitt

Feds Charged Ahead With Northern Gateway First Nations Consultation Despite Internal Doubts

Carol Linnitt | April 25, 2015 | Canada British Columbia
Eight First Nations including the Haisla, the Nak'azdli and Gitxaala Nations have launched a legal challenge against the pipeline on the basis of inadequate consultation.
Bea Rhodes

Business Is No Longer a Man's World

Bea Rhodes | April 25, 2015 | Canada Business
Back in the 1970s, there were few positive female role models as business leaders. We live in an information age, we need leaders who are great communicators, understand the need for team work, and can bring a nurturing spirit to the workplace. Women are naturally effective in these areas. Although women have not yet achieved quite the salary equity of men, nor rule the majority of Fortune 500 companies, this is all changing as women step into their natural leadership capacities. Good leadership does not require a particular gender, but an individual who has developed good character, integrity and wisdom.
DeSmog Canada

Before You Complain About Taxes, Read This

DeSmog Canada | April 24, 2015 | Canada Business
People don't like paying their taxes in part because the connection between what we pay and the goods and services we receive has been broken. Add to that a massive shift toward a consumer society in which people derive a lot of social standing from what they consume and it's an uphill battle for taxes.
Bessma Momani

Defeating Global Poverty Requires a Shift from Billions to a Trillion Dollars

Bessma Momani | April 24, 2015 | Canada
The World Bank's ambitious goal to end poverty by 2030 requires large transformations in the global political economy so everyone has a chance for a better life. According to World Bank President, Jim Kim, defeating poverty requires a surmounting push from $131 billion dedicated to development, to a trillion dollars.
Jason Clemens

A National Sales Tax Would Create a Real Opportunity for the U.S.

Jason Clemens | April 23, 2015 | Canada Business
Contrary to a recent Wall Street Journal editorial, introducing a national sales tax, or value-added tax (VAT) creates a real opportunity for the United States. The nation could shift from its heavy reliance on income taxes (both absolute and comparative) to a consumption tax without affecting the budget deficit.
David Lester

How to Go From Millennial to Millionaire

David Lester | April 23, 2015 | Canada Business
I want every millennial to grow up to be a millionaire! The scary thing is that a million dollars won't be that much money in 40 years. The idea of a millionaire, sitting in his wood paneled living room and smoking on his pipe with hounds at his feet is long over. Millionaires will be "thousandaires" by today's standards as everything gets more and more expensive.
Murtaza Haider

The Union-Pearson Express Train Gets a Big Thumbs Down

Murtaza Haider | April 24, 2015 | Canada Business
The rail-link will connect Canada's two busiest transport hubs: Union Station and Toronto Pearson International Airport. Despite the high-speed connector between the two busiest hubs, transport authorities expect only 5,000 daily riders on the UP Express. The King Streetcar, in comparison, carries in excess of 65,000 daily riders.
Jonathan Crombie

Canadian Governments Have Failed to Slay the Real Deficit We Face

Jonathan Crombie | April 24, 2015 | Canada Politics
Thanks to former Prime Minister Paul Martin, I think we've all been conditioned to think that balanced budgets are very good things. But not all deficits are bad. It is prudent or even smart to slash and scrap into a surplus like Stephen Harper has done. Especially considering that Canada's infrastructure deficit is estimated at nearly $400 billion -- and growing.
Ivey Business School

The Federal Budget Was Good For Business

Ivey Business School | April 23, 2015 | Canada Business
Leaving aside the fact that getting Ottawa out of the red required Finance Minister Joe Oliver to deploy some skillful manoeuvers, not to mention seek a little help from contingency funds, the budget delivered this week clearly demonstrated spending restraint that is not as common as one might expect in today's economic environment.
Steve Morgan

Universal Canadian Drug Coverage Is Good for Business

Steve Morgan | April 23, 2015 | Canada Business
Businesses care about the health and well-being of the Canadian workforce. Employees that can afford the medicines as and when prescribed will be healthier, happier, and more productive. In this election year, it is time for Canada's business leaders to call for universal, public pharmacare.
Kristen Marano

Three Ways to Rethink Fair Wages

Kristen Marano | April 23, 2015 | Canada Business
In my opinion, the appropriate wage would be set against local economics to cover basic living conditions like food, housing, and healthcare, and ensure that people can take care of their families without having to work multiple jobs. I asked three experts to answer the question, what is a fair wage? Three distinct ways to rethink fair wages emerged.
Brett House

Federal Budget Finally Turns Development Talk Into Action

Brett House | April 23, 2015 | Canada Business
In the 2015 federal budget, the Canadian government announced its intention to create a $300-million initiative to encourage private investment, job creation and growth that will fight extreme poverty in developing countries. Canada is the last G7 country to create a public arm to support private investment in development. Some of our counterparts have been in this business for over 50 years, doing good and making money at the same time.This initiative looks even tardier when one considers that successive Canadian governments since the early Trudeau era have bandied about the idea of creating a public entity to catalyze more private capital for development.
Nikolas Badminton

Vancouver Technology Companies Need to Create a Culture of Growth

Nikolas Badminton | April 22, 2015 | Canada Business
My prediction is that, in the next two to three years, and with the right kinds of risk-taking and mentorship we can increase the culture of growth here in Vancouver. With investment in more Growth Hackers and Data Scientists in Vancouver and we will start to see more billion-dollar companies emerge.
Jeffrey Schwartz

How to Manage Divorce, Distress and Debt

Jeffrey Schwartz | April 22, 2015 | Canada Business
Kevin's wife wanted a divorce. Suddenly, his household income was split in half and the cost of moving to a new place with his kids meant his expenses doubled.
Ian Lifshitz

Earth Day Should Be 364 Days a Year

Ian Lifshitz | April 22, 2015 | Canada Business
Earth Day is an important date on the calendar that puts the spotlight back on the planet. However, as we all grow more interconnected around the world with a greater ability to have an impact -- both positive and negative -- it's equally important to recognize that the principles of Earth Day can't be ignored the other 364 days of the year.
Bessma Momani

It's Time to End Our Dependence on Oil

Bessma Momani | April 22, 2015 | Canada Business
Periods of instability that punctuate oil price history, highlight the importance of energy sector reform, which can be made all the more effective if paired with climate change considerations. To avoid climate change pitfalls created by falling oil prices it is necessary to approach environmental reform in new and innovative ways.
Alex Mifflin

5 Small Things You Can Do to Make an Impact on Earth Day

Alex Mifflin | April 22, 2015 | Canada Impact
We are made aware almost daily of the dire impacts of biodiversity loss and climate change. It can be overwhelming, but the good news is that there are simple things we can do in our daily lives that can make a real difference. And Earth Day is the perfect time to consider taking a couple of small steps. I've had the good fortune to travel the world with my brother making documentaries about the environment for more than four years, and here are just a few tips that we've picked up, and you can consider adopting them too.
Suzana Popovic-Montag

Plan Ahead: Choose a Power of Attorney You Trust

Suzana Popovic-Montag | April 21, 2015 | Canada Business
While not a subject most people like to think about, it is important for you to consider who you would choose to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf if, due to an accident or illness for example, you become unable to make such decisions for yourself.
Murtaza Haider

Ontario Needs to Prioritize Its Transit Spending

Murtaza Haider | April 21, 2015 | Canada Politics
Ontario announced $1.6 billion funding for the Hurontario LRT. Given the unmet transit demand in the City of Toronto, it is odd that the transit billions are being targeted at the suburban 905-ers. If ridership should be the primary consideration for prioritizing transit investments in Ontario, how does Hurontario LRT fare?
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