June 26, 2016

17 Gorgeous Campsites In British Columbia

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Your Everyday Eats
Daily recipes for breakfast, lunch dinner and more from HuffPost Canada contributors.

What's Good On Netflix In July?

Star Wars

Liberals Reverse Tory Funding Cuts To Women's Advocacy Groups

Trudeau Status Of Women Canada
Paul Chiasson/CP

People Are Replacing Regular Toast With Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet Potato Toast

13 Quotes That Will Make You Proud To Be Canadian

Ryan Gosling

J.K. Rowling On Brexit: 'I Don't Think I've Ever Wanted Magic More'

Jk Rowling
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David Beckham Gets Goosebumps While Visiting The Queen

David Beckham
WPA Pool via Getty Images

Meryl Streep Fought For More Money For 'Devil Wears Prada'

Meryl Streep
Everett Collection

This Is How Much A Best Friend Is Probably Costing You

Cost Of Friendship
Maria Taglienti-Molinari via Getty Images

25 Birthday Ideas For Her Big 4-0

40th Birthday
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21 Romantic Honeymoon Ideas In Canada

Niagara On The Lake
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Snake Bite? No Problem For This Groom!

Groom Snakebite
Maddie Mae/Facebook

Pots And Planters That Make The Perfect Addition To Your Garden


Changing This Crucial Routine Can Lead To A Better Night's Sleep

Indian Woman Sleeping
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Prince William Teases Kate About Her Cooking

Prince William Catherine
Star Max/IPx

James Corden And Anna Kendrick Sing Through An Epic Love Story

Anna Kendrick James Corden

Joel Plaskett Writes Haunting Song For Gord Downie

Gord Downie
Mark Horton via Getty Images

Burger King Hopes Your Mind Wants Your Body To Eat This

Mac And Cheetos
Burger King/Facebook

10 Books By Asian-Canadian Authors To Add To Your Reading List

Asiancanadian Authors
HuffPost Canada Living

25 Vegan Dinner Recipes That Will Still Fill You Up

Vegan Burger
Carrots And Flowers

Female MPs Give Advice To Their 20-Year-Old Selves

Elizabeth May

Prince Harry Declines Six-Year-Old's Proposal Like A Pro

Prince Harry
Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images

Fitness Blogger Shares Pic Of Bloated Belly As A 'Reality Check'

Fitness Blogger
Tiffany Brien/Facebook

Anton Yelchin's Cause Of Death Revealed

Anton Yelchin Cause Of Death
Taylor Hill via Getty Images

This Doctor Speaks 7 Languages. And He's A Canadian Refugee.

Paulin Polepole
Nelson Paiva/SickKids

Happy Birthday Prince William!

Prince William
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Higher Education Could Put You At Risk For A Brain Tumour

University Students
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The 15-Minute Workout You Should Do As Soon As You Get Up

Morning Workout
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Are Meal Replacement Drinks Good For You?

Meal Replacement
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The 'Strawberry Moon' Is Absolutely Stunning

Strawberry Moon
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Restaurant Fires Management After Server Handed 'Best Butt' Award

Best Butt Award

Woman Finds 16-Foot Snake In Her Bedroom

JCMarcos via Getty Images

James Corden's Latest Carpool Karaoke Is On A Roller Coaster

Selena Gomez Carpool Karaoke

What Happens When A City Council Refuses To Fly A Pride Flag

Owen Sound
Mike Dazé

15 Healthy Facts About Onions That Won't Make You Cry

Onions Health Benefits
Jamie Grill via Getty Images

The Health Benefits Of Yoga

lzf via Getty Images

Top Herbs And Spices That Can Boost Your Mood

Chris Cross via Getty Images

28 Peach Recipes To Make This Summer

Westend61 via Getty Images

Rare Lunar Event To Light Up Sky On First Day Of Summer

Full Moon
Arctic-Images via Getty Images

Celebrities Pay Tribute To Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin
Paul Redmond via Getty Images

What This Woman Finds In Her Toilet Will Make You Jump Off Your Seat

Toilet Frogs
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