Capt. Trevor Greene

You Need To Know About This Tar Sands Pipeline To The U.S.

Capt. Trevor Greene | December 1, 2015 | Canada Politics
As the debate raged and the cross-border rhetoric went nuclear over Keystone XL, the good folks at Enbridge were craftily and quietly shipping hundreds of thousands of barrels per day of tar sands bitumen from Alberta. This line, cavalierly called the Alberta Clipper, which at first shipped 450,000 barrels a day from the tar sands is designed to carry an astounding 800,000 barrels a day to Illinois.
Wade Rowland

The Ghost Of Maurice Strong In Paris

Wade Rowland | December 1, 2015 | Canada Politics
It is a sad coincidence that Maurice Strong has died on the eve of another ambitious attempt, this time in Paris, to come to grips with global environmental crises that have become ever more grave. We can only hope that a reinvigorated diplomatic corps inspired by fresh political leadership will once again do our country proud.
Robert Poulton

Toronto's Animal Services By-Laws Are Broken

Robert Poulton | December 1, 2015 | Canada Impact
The dog appears to be well fed and in no way unhealthy. However, Buddy is obviously lacking human contact, daily walks and most importantly love and attention. His owners ignore him each day and show zero concern for him or the neighbours. In their eyes, and with City approval, they're doing nothing wrong.
Per Unheim

How Canada Can Regain Its Development Influence Abroad

Per Unheim | November 30, 2015 | Canada Politics
If Canada is really "back," as our Prime Minister has announced, and if we are to make Canada a leader in development innovation and effectiveness, then we need to understand why Canada's development influence has contracted this severely and what changes could be made to improve our performance in a range of areas.
David Chartrand

May The Will Of Martin Coiteux Be Done

David Chartrand | November 30, 2015 | Canada Business
Public services are essential to ensure fairness in society. The services provided by state employees improve the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of Quebec citizens and promote social justice. But this, Martin Coiteux will not tell you. He is too attached to his economic only vision of society.
Artur Wilczynski

I Was A Refugee From The Soviet Bloc - This Is My Story

Artur Wilczynski | November 30, 2015 | Canada Politics
What does the arrival of thousands of refugees mean to me and my family? Will we be safe? Will they integrate into Norwegian or Canadian society? How much will all of this cost? Canada and Canadians have answered these questions about refugees before. We have the experience of rescuing waves of refugees. We have the will and we have the compassion. I know. My family and I have been there. I am one of them. This is my refugee story.
Akaash Maharaj

We Must Learn From The Lessons Of Afghanistan To Extinguish ISIS

Akaash Maharaj | November 30, 2015 | Canada Politics
The lessons of Afghanistan were purchased at a bitter cost: the war claimed more lives, more years, and more money than any other campaign in NATO's history. Unless the alliance takes those lessons to heart, a war in Syria and Iraq to extinguish Daesh -- the self-styled "Islamic State" -- will be worse. In any military campaign against Daesh, how will we identify effective allies on the ground, who are less pernicious than our common enemy? How will we ensure that neither chaos nor tyranny fill the vacuum left after a successful campaign? Whom will Syrians be able to trust to rebuild their country?
Erin OToole

Back? Canada Never Left

Erin OToole | November 29, 2015 | Canada Politics
The day after winning the election, Prime Minister Trudeau proclaimed to the world that 35 million Canadians were now "back" and the team behind him seemed to revel in that line. Such a bold claim within hours of an election win deserves some scrutiny to find out where Canada had been if we were now back.
Jordan Bateman

Why Do Governments Feel The Need To Bribe Us With Our Own Money?

Jordan Bateman | November 29, 2015 | Canada British Columbia
There are tax credits for putting your kids in sports or music lessons, for volunteer firefighting, for taking a bus, for fixing up your kitchen, and for joining a search and rescue team. All worthy things, sure, but expensive for taxpayers. Now we're talking about a leftovers tax credit. Where will this trend end?
Nick Fillmore

Fossil Fuel Companies Threaten To Undermine Paris Climate Talks

Nick Fillmore | November 27, 2015 | Canada Politics
Fossil fuel companies have not managed to get a much coveted seat at the actual negotiating table during COP decision-making. But they are lobbying so hard that they hope politicians will come up with pro-industry solutions. A growing number of public interest groups want the fossil fuel lobby barred from the UN process.
Senator Mobina Jaffer

Climate Change Is A Human Rights Issue

Senator Mobina Jaffer | November 30, 2015 | Canada Politics
It has become clear that climate change will disproportionately impact the world's most vulnerable because they are heavily dependent on resources that will be affected by climatic change. Whether by virtue of socio-economic status, conflict, gender or geography, certain groups are more liable than others to be negatively impacted by climate change, which directly implicates the question of human rights. How will this differentially influence people's lives, living conditions and livelihoods, and who are the most vulnerable?
John Laforet

Corruption In The Green Energy Sector Costs Ontarians

John Laforet | November 26, 2015 | Canada Politics
With NextEra as a major player in Ontario's wind energy business along with Siemens (who has the distinction of paying the largest fine ever under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and Samsung (with it's own scandals), one has to wonder whether the government knew who they were inviting into the province when they opened the flood gates under the Green Energy Act in 2009.
Yves Engler

Hold Canadian Mining Companies Accountable For Abuses Abroad

Yves Engler | November 26, 2015 | Canada Business
Is Justin Trudeau prepared to defy Canada's powerful mining industry and adopt legislation to constrain their abuses abroad or will he continue to place the full power of Canadian foreign-policy behind this controversial industry?
Sean Mallen

Rachel Notley Has Staged A Masterwork Of Political Imagery

Sean Mallen | November 30, 2015 | Canada Alberta
Rachel Notley's challenge has been to reassure the fiercely skeptical Alberta business elites that were horrified to wake up last May to discover the NDP had risen to power. With the economy already hammered by plummeting oil prices, they feared that the New Democrats would inflict further damage through a climate change plan that would drive up costs and cripple the oil sands. But business leaders in the Alberta can read the financial press as well as the rest of us and now seem to be buying Rachel Notley's view that they better try to be part of the solution.
Julie Barlow

France Is Fighting Its Own Taboos

Julie Barlow | November 30, 2015 | Canada Politics
France's war against terrorism will be long and hard. That's because it's not just a war against external enemies. The investigation on the Paris attacks is forcing France's political class to face three blind spots: the integration of immigrants, religion and Europe.
Wellesley Institute

What Will Canada's New National Early Learning And Child Care Framework Look Like?

Wellesley Institute | November 25, 2015 | Canada Parents
Canada's current patchwork of child care does not meet the needs of Canadian families. The new federal government has shown an understanding of the importance of improving our child care for the health and well-being of children and their parents.
David R. Miller

This Is How We Can Protect B.C.'s North Coast

David R. Miller | November 25, 2015 | Canada Impact
During my first visit to British Columbia's north coast, I was immediately struck by the area's extraordinary natural wealth. It's a place renowned for its rich ocean habitats, temperate rain forests as well as humpback whales, bears, salmon and orca. We refer to this region as the Great Bear Sea.
Dermod Travis

B.C. Trade Missions Fail To Deliver The Bang For The Buck

Dermod Travis | November 25, 2015 | Canada British Columbia
For those not counting, there have been eight B.C. trade missions to China alone in the last 18 months. Forests minister Steve Thomson is set to leave on a ninth mission this Friday. Trade missions aren't cheap, they set the B.C. government back $767,000 in 2014 and that doesn't include the bill for local governments, universities and other agencies.
Farzana Hassan

This Book Rests On A False Premise About ISIS

Farzana Hassan | November 25, 2015 | Canada Politics
Journalist Gwynne Dyer's book Don't Panic: ISIS, Terror and Today's Middle East rests on the premise that ISIS poses no major threat to the Western world. Dyer suggests the West is not affected by events in Syria and must not be involved in the civil war. However, there is a moral imperative that we need to acknowledge.
David Suzuki

Canada's Oceans Matter, At The Paris Climate Talks And Beyond

David Suzuki | November 25, 2015 | Canada Impact
It's encouraging that our newly elected federal government has agreed to improve efforts to safeguard Canada's oceans. Ocean protection here is shamefully deficient, currently at around one per cent. Weak ocean protection hinders our coasts' ability to remain resilient in the face of many challenges.
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