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Candy Spelling
Candy Spelling is a best-selling author, columnist, Broadway producer and star of the record-breaking HGTV series, “Selling Spelling Manor.” Above all, she is best known and recognized for her involvement in numerous civic and charitable activities.

Candy’s first book, the best-selling STORIES FROM CANDYLAND (hardcover published by St. Martin’s Press, April 2009; trade paperback in 2010), is filled with stories and adventures in Candy Spelling’s life. Her stories trace pop culture influences and how they influenced her life with Hollywood mogul Aaron Spelling, motherhood and everyday experiences.

The success of STORIES FROM CANDYLAND encouraged Candy to continue sharing her stories. Her second book, CANDY AT LAST (published by Turner Publishing Company, May 2014), brings us up to speed on Candy’s life as a single woman from trying her hand at producing, and creating a successful new career as a Broadway producer. She also writes about her favorite role of all, being grandmother to six wonderful grandchildren.

Candy began her involvement on Broadway in the spring of 2010, co-producing her first Broadway musical, “Promises, Promises,” starring Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth. The show was nominated for 4 Tony Awards with Katie Finneran winning for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical. Candy went on to produce her second Broadway show, “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” The Frank Loesser classic starred Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role for almost a year and then continued its great success with Nick Jonas as lead actor.

In 2012, Candy produced her third Broadway show, “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” a musical featuring iconic George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin songs. The show starred Matthew Broderick and Jessie Mueller, was nominated for 10 Tony Awards and won for Featured Actor (Michael McGrath) and Featured Actress (Judy Kaye).

In 2014, Candy produced “After Midnight,’ celebrating Duke Ellington’s years at the Cotton Club using his original arrangements and performed by a world-class big band of 17 musicians. It was nominated for 7 Tonys with Warren Carlyle winning for Outstanding Choreography.

She is currently a producer on “The Color Purple,” the musical revival adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker. The show, which opened to rave reviews in December 2015, stars Academy Award-Tony-Grammy-award winner Jennifer Hudson, London-trained Cynthia Erivo and Danielle Brooks from Orange is the New Black.

Candy helped HGTV reach their highest ever fourth quarter day rating as star of the two-part series, “Selling Spelling Manor.” More than 4.2 million viewers watched Candy give a tour of the legendary 56,000 square foot Hollywood mansion she built and shared with her husband and family for more than 20 years. After the show aired the fall of 2012, HGTV extended the series to include three additional one-hour episodes that followed her to her new home, “Beyond Spelling Manor” which aired in 2013.

Candy proudly continues to expand her public service work. Most recent, Candy became a member of the UCLA Health System Board. She was extremely honored last year to become the Vice Chair of the American Humane Association’s Board of Directors, the country’s first and only national humane organization dedicated to protecting both children and animals.

Among many other contributions, she is an active Board of Governors Member of LA’s Best, the after-school enrichment program that serves children in need through partnerships with the Los Angeles Unified School District, the City of Los Angeles and private sector.

Candy is also a founding board member of the Los Angeles Parks Commission and was instrumental in creating the first non-profit Parks Foundation in Los Angeles; Commissioner Emeritus for the Board of Recreation and Parks for the City of Los Angeles, a panel overseeing public parks and recreational areas; “Ambassador for Tourism” for Los Angeles; on the Board of Directors for LA INC., the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau; board member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council; and Craft Ambassador of the Craft & Hobby Association.

Centro De Niños, a downtown Los Angeles daycare center for underprivileged families, holds a special place in Candy’s heart. Her participation enabled the center to expand their facility and offer additional programs and services, of which the federal government took notice.

Candy is recognized for her thousands of hours of public service work by the President’s Council of Service and Civic Participation – noting her dedication signifies her service to her community and country with distinction.

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