10/17/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Extra! Extra! People Want To Use Cell Phones for Talking

I remember seeing the musical, Stop the World -- I Want to Get Off in the 1960s in New York. The music was great, the story was funny, and I thought of the title so many times over the years when everything seemed to be moving too quickly.

This week's Advertising Age has a story by Mike Vorhaus of Frank N. Magid Associates that provides some hope that technology might be preparing to take a breather.

In a "stop the world" kind of revelation, Vorhaus reveals that "some folks just want to talk on their cellphones."

Yes, he notes, that as the younger generations brought up on texting and watching videos on their phones get older, "more nontalk functionality will inevitably grow in popularity."

But, for now, most people just want to talk on their phones.

There's more. More people polled said they'd rather have a smaller phone with less features than a larger phone with more capabilities.

Can it be that we're actually ready to simplify?

Is multi-tasking on its way out?

Is the world going to stop and let us pause, albeit briefly?

Wait. I just remembered that the last song in "Stop the World" is "What Kind of Fool Am I?"

Thanks, Advertising Age, for a few minutes of hope. Maybe I just need to put down the magazine and go back to squinting at my phone screen.