07/25/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I'd Like Them to 'Just Do It' in Public

It would be nice to always be cool. Or hot. Or awesome. Or whatever is trendy. But, it's hard to keep up.

It was easy when we could simply follow Nike's advice and "Just Do It."

I could also figure out what kinds of shoes and sports were in vogue by whatever Nike was launching.

But, Nike has let me down.

"Nike Quietly Goes Green," was the headline in a recent "What's Next" section of BusinessWeek.

The story started out well:

"The sole of Nike's new Air Jordan is made with ground-up bits of old Nike sneakers."

Yes, that belongs in "what's next," and it's certainly trendy.

However, the opening paragraph continued:

"But the company isn't selling it as an eco-friendly shoe. That might not be good for business."

The explanation BusinessWeek offers is:

"Nike customers buy shoes to make them feel fast, slick and hip; they don't care much about being eco-chic,"

and later in the story,

"The lesson for Nike was that its green innovations should continue, but its customers shouldn't be able to tell."

Aw, come on, Nike. Just do it, and say it, too. Even non-golfers know how much Tiger Woods likes those greens, and I've seen those olive green LeBron James basketball shorts. Your superstar endorsers are good with green. You should be, too.