Colors in the Sand

04/01/2013 02:29 pm ET

If the shoreline of a beach were to represent the span of one's existence, perhaps the water would be the temperament of time as it ebbs and flows and ultimately consumes. The length of the beach is not known by the the shoreline; it merely abides by the current or the weather of time.

From a distance the shore may appear jagged or straight, as it informs direction and points in the semblance of a line. From a distance, one may believe they can visualize the essences of being as the landscape provides evidence on shape and projected distance; however, it is only when one goes down to the shore that they experience what it is made of.

An intimate perspective of the shoreline would consist of pieces and parts of sand, stone or shell that have been worn and weathered but hold a place, whether big or small, in the whole picture.

Upon a recent walk down a Long Island beach I took note of the colors of these parts of stones and sand as they met with the water and sun. Water made them brighter, but the sun made them sparkle. When there was no sun or no water there was a dense lifelessness to these pieces that uniformly blended them into a mere surface.

Suppose these pieces of stone, sand and shell represent the people and experiences that touch to shape one's existence, each with a recognized place yet only for those who look and note the incredible semblance of all the parts. They are made bright through the waves of time and sparkle when met with the sun, yet devoid of these elements, their presence is discreet.

The essence of one's being exists in the colors on the shore that sparkle and shine through the joining of God's radiant sun with the history of the waters of time.

It is not the length or the shape of the shore that make it beautiful, but the way it remains and invites the rays and water to uncover the colors in the sand.

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