The Gift Of Mobility For My Message

02/16/2012 01:37 pm ET | Updated Apr 17, 2012

For the past few days I've been in a state of shock. Someone decided to give a homeless mother a surprise gift. Only in a fantasy would someone give a new car as a gift to a stranger. And no, it wasn't Oprah who sent me a black Honda Odyssey.

When I first sat in it, I just kept staring at it trying to figure out what all the buttons on the dashboard are for. Maggie of course hopped right in and started playing with the seat adjustments, the DVD player and anything else she could find. My teenager asked when she could drive it. I, of course, sent a thank you letter to the generous donors and, with their permission, this is the letter they sent back to me:


My wife and I hope to meet you and your daughters someday.
We are so glad you love the van and your girls do as well. We shared the good news with our daughters tonight. A couple months ago, my wife and I just felt like we were supposed to give our van away. We both prayed and it just kept being something that we both felt led to do... we are new to the area we live in so we just started asking some friends and our church if they knew of any one in need. Out of all of that, your need just kept staying at the top. It seemed strange that we couldn't find anyone closer by in Southern California but we just listened to God to be obedient and not try to "figure it out".

It's a gift to you and your girls... it was not our car to begin with, we were stewards of it and now you are the steward. So since it's a gift, if you decide you want to sell it and use the money to help get into housing, you are welcome to as well. The car is in really good condition and low miles so you should be able to get a good deal on it if you do. Again, it's a gift, totally up to you.

I am glad a Dora video was in the DVD player.... Makes me smile.

Thank you and our prayers are with you.

Maybe it's just coincidence that this new car arrived just as I started having engine problems with the white minivan, maybe not. All I know is that the timing of it all is well...synchronicity! I never told anyone I was having problems with my minivan's engine, I just figured I would find a way to fix it on my own. Maybe it's not housing but it's a big hand up considering all the running around I do with advocacy. Not having reliable transportation out here means being dead in the water so to speak. Needless to say, I'm putting the old van up for sale!

As I'm writing this, Maggie is fiddling with the DVD player and adjusting the wireless headphones she found in the back seats. As for me, I'm still reading the owner's manual and trying to figure out what all these buttons are for. The donors of the vehicle I just received have asked to remain anonymous but I will always remember their amazing generosity. Having a reliable vehicle will go a long way in my advocacy.

If my gift givers are reading this, thank you. You're gift means more than you realize.