11/13/2011 09:27 am ET Updated Jan 13, 2012

Our Favorite Caribbean Beer And Food Pairings

The Caribbean is well-known for its indigenous food, with iconic dishes like jerk chicken, plantains, spiny island lobster and more. The islands also have a number of indigenous brews, some better known than others. We've undertaken the arduous task of collecting an assortment of our favorite Caribbean beers, and the iconic island cuisine they pair with the best.

Five of our favorites:

Costa Rica: Try an Imperial lager, also known as "Aguila" or "Aguilita" to the locals in reference to its "Little Eagle" logo; it goes well with the seafood platter with rice and beans at Miss Junie in Tortuguero Village.

Mexico: Sol, the Mexican "sunshine beer," was introduced in the 1980s and it's logo hasn't changed since. Drink with: Tequila fish tacos at Zamas' Que Fresco in Tulum.

Trinidad and Tobago: Carib beer is an easy-to-drink lager and the brand is iconic with this region and its culture. Enjoy with bake and shark (a delicious deep-fried dish) at Richard's on Maracas Beach.

Barbados: Banks Beer is said to be given its unique Bajan character from the local water, filtered through limestone rock. It pairs best with seafood, such as the fried flying-fish sandwich with cou-cou from Mustor's in Bridgetown.

Jamaica: Finally, no list of Caribbean beers would be complete without Red Stripe, a Jamaican lager with worldwide distribution. Pair it with Jamaican jerk chicken with roasted breadfruit and festival at Pimentos, near Montego Bay.

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Caribbean Beers To Pair With Food
Caribbean Beers To Pair With Food