07/16/2007 01:44 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Uncle Sam Makes a Good Investment

Washington, DC -- How would you like to save $600 dollars by spending $6? Sound like a good deal? Well, last fall's election is beginning to produce just these kinds of returns for taxpayers, as some (not all) of the crazier ideas of the last Congress get shut down. In North Carolina, for example, taxpayers will save $600 million by spending $6 million, and will save a wonderful wilderness as a bonus. North Carolina's infamous "Road to Nowhere," the $600 million pet project of former Congressman Charles Taylor, will be replaced by a $6 million payment from the federal government to Swain County, North Carolina. Freshman Democratic Congressman Heath Shuler, who beat Taylor and represents Swain County, campaigned against the boondoggle -- the 32-mile North Shore Road through Great Smoky Mountains National Park that no one wanted or needed. While it was Shuler's defeat of Taylor that made the victory for common sense and the park possible, the actual legislation is a bi-partisan victory -- Republican Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander wrote the language in the Senate Appropriations committee that transfers $6 million to Swain County.