03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Arnold to Maria: Drop the Cell Phone!

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to speak to his wife, Maria Shriver, for apparently violating a state law he signed last year -- holding her cell phone while driving, the AP is reporting.

The celebrity Web site posted two photos showing Shriver holding a phone to her ear while she's behind the wheel. It says one was snapped Sunday and the other in July.

On his Twitter feed, Schwarzenegger wrote to founder Harvey Levin: "Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention. There's going to be swift action."

That may sound harsh, but what it amounts to is an extra set of dead lifts and squat thrusts in the gym. Which isn't as bad as having to watch Arnold in Junior. Ow!

Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear says that by "swift action," the governor means he'll ask his wife not to hold the phone while driving.

Instead, she can get one of those electronic implants Arnold removed from his nose in "Total Recall." With a well-placed finger, you can always stay in touch.

[Note: No "Terminator" jokes were used in the production of this blog post. Except this one.]

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