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Carlo Ratti
An architect and engineer by training, Carlo Ratti practices in Italy and teaches at MIT, where he directs the Senseable City Lab. He studied at the Politecnico di Torino, the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, the University of Cambridge, and MIT. His work has been exhibited in numerous venues worldwide, including the Venice Biennale, MoMA in New York City and MAXXI in Rome. At the 2008 World Expo, his ‘Digital Water Pavilion’ was hailed by Time Magazine as one of the ‘Best Inventions of the Year’. He has been included in Fast Company's ‘50 Most Influential Designers in America’ and in Wired Magazine’s ‘Smart List 2012: 50 people who will change the world’. An honorary professor at RMIT in Melbourne, he is currently serving as Head of the World Economic Forum ‘Global Agenda Council for Future Cities’.

Entries by Carlo Ratti

Taking Rides With Strangers

(0) Comments | Posted September 2, 2014 | 8:57 PM

Imagine how much money could be saved, and how much traffic and pollution could be reduced, if people shared taxis with strangers.

Of course no one really wants to do that. It's inconvenient to go out of our way, and besides, who wants to spend twenty minutes trapped with...

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The Digitalization of Cities: Sketching a Future Urban Scenario

(0) Comments | Posted May 9, 2013 | 3:24 PM

The recent history of urbanization has evolved quite contrary to common expectations. In the 1990s, scholars speculated about the impact of the ongoing digital revolution on the viability of cities. The mainstream view was that, as digital media and the Internet had killed distance, they would also kill cities. Technology...

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