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Carly Paul
Carly is a bunch of things. For now, she's fat, friendly, freakin' broke, and you can't find her on Facebook. She's a valley girl who now lives in Colorado, and talks way too much to people who accidentally listen and then can't ever get away. Good. Also, she is bipolar, and this really matters to her even if it annoys you or makes you uncomfortable in some way; sometimes she's sorry about that and sometimes she's not, and that's that.

Entries by Carly Paul

What It's Like to Feel the Slow Grip of Poverty

(273) Comments | Posted January 8, 2014 | 3:23 PM

First of all, right now I am not working. The last day of my last job was September 15, 2011. My disability case is in the third, and last, round of appeal and if I don't get it this time, I will be back to being the working poor again....

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