07/10/2012 10:47 pm ET | Updated Sep 09, 2012

Happy First Birthday, HuffPost SF!

Three hundred and sixty-five days ago, HuffPost SF went live.

We weren't exactly sure what to expect. But San Francisco has had a busy 365 days.

We elected a new mayor, who had actually already been our mayor for quite some time. We lost one major sports team, but we gained another. We welcomed an influx of tech companies eager to relocate within our borders. We watched our new sheriff quickly fall from grace. We really pissed off our friendly neighborhood nudists. We buckled under the weight of Obama's war on weed. We braced ourselves for the America's Cup. We protested. And protested. And protested some more.

It's been a thrill and a joy to watch the story of our zany, glorious city unfold for the past 12 months. It's been a challenge to then bring the most important pieces to life for our readers.

And it's a challenge we've embraced in the most HuffPost of ways. We live-streamed the mayoral debates. We used our scrappy, sneaky skills to peek inside Twitter's new headquarters. We made a local blogger's blood boil with our assessment of the Mirkarimi scandal. We got in a little trouble from headquarters for posting a full-frontal slideshow of a nudist demonstration (sorry, guys). We covered the medical marijuana crackdown from all angles. We let our readers weigh in on the America's Cup using the debate tools. And we live-blogged the Occupy movement from our smartphones until our thumbs had blisters.

None of our work would have been possible, however, without our muse: The amazing City by the Bay, the most magical metropolis the world has ever known.

A friend recently asked me if I'd ever consider moving back to New York. "I would," I said. "If I didn't love San Francisco more than I've ever loved another human."

("Well put," he replied. "Kinda f*cked up, but well put.")

Last July, on the eve of our launch, I penned a little ode to my great love, outlining a few of the reasons I find San Francisco so inspiring and enchanting.

I've been lucky enough to add some new reasons to that list over the past 12 months: Dancing aboard a refurbished 1970s schoolbus in the Panhandle. Finally making it all the way up Haight Street on my bike. Drinking hot toddies with my favorite local musician at Jack Kerouac's old haunt. My fourth consecutive Outside Lands festival. The view from Tank Hill at night.

But this website isn't about me. It's about our community of readers who help create the city's beautiful nuances. So to commemorate our first year of coverage, I asked my friends to tell me why they, too, believe San Francisco is the greatest place on earth.

Their stories are below. We hope you'll share yours with us as well. Cheers to a wacky, wonderful year in our wacky, wonderful world.

Why Is SF The Greatest City On Earth?