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Carmen Berkley
Carmen Berkley is the Civil, Human and Women's Rights Director at the AFL-CIO. She also serves as a Principal Consultant at Can't Stop Won't Stop, LLC , Lead Trainer for Campus Camp Wellstone, and is a proud member of the Black Youth Project 100.

Carmen has dedicated her life to advocacy and justice for people of color, women and the LGBTQ community. Through her years she has served as the President of the United States Student Association, Regional Field Director for NAACP, Digital Strategist for American Federation for State County and Municipal Employees, Field Director for Choice USA and Executive Director of the Generational Alliance. Follow Carmen on Twitter @CarmenSpindiego

Entries by Carmen Berkley

Black Equality Doesn't End in February

(2) Comments | Posted March 2, 2015 | 10:04 AM

Black History Month is more than just acknowledgement in a newspaper or a special program at the kids' school. It's an opportunity to reflect on how far Black people in the United States have come in their struggle for justice and equal rights, while not forgetting the scores of women...

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Congress, It's Time to End Voting Discrimination

(1) Comments | Posted June 25, 2014 | 5:35 PM

One year ago, a majority of Supreme Court justices weakened the federal government's ability to prevent voter discrimination. In a sweeping decision, they decimated the Voting Rights Act, which has helped fulfill the ideals of our democracy for nearly 50 years, and added a new stain to the...

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My American Dream: A Minimum Wage That Allows Everyone to Prosper

(12) Comments | Posted May 2, 2014 | 11:24 AM

When I think of the American Dream, I don't just see images of white picket fences and fathers kissing their children before they leave for work.

I see an African-American mother of two dropping her children off at school and driving to her place of employment with the confidence...

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An Open Letter to the Black Community From 100 Black Youth

(0) Comments | Posted July 15, 2013 | 12:01 PM


This past weekend, the Black Youth Project convened 100 Black youth to come up with a plan of action to uplift our voices, use our knowledge and take action within our community.

When our collective of Black street leaders, civic organizers,...

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Will Millennials Come Back to Labor?

(20) Comments | Posted April 29, 2013 | 8:44 PM

As we approach International Workers Day, also known as May Day, it's hard not to wonder about the future of the labor movement, and whether or not young people in the United States will wake up and see that joining labor unions could be a part of the solution to...

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No Laughing Matter: Youth and "Stupak on Steroids"

(3) Comments | Posted February 17, 2011 | 5:45 PM

Two young people walk into a congressional briefing on proposed restrictions to abortion access and funding. They see their peers, their friends sprinkled throughout the crowd. The briefing begins. Expert after expert shares the devastating impact these restrictions would have on various communities, but there is no mention of youth....

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