09/26/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary's "Warriors" Email From the Front

Here is an email I just received from Simone DuBois, in Denver to protest the Democrats' nomination of Barack Obama. Simone is the Hillary diehard who videotaped her speaking at a private home in Los Altos Hills, California earlier this summer. The event was a You Tube hit that grabbed headlines nationwide. DuBois taped the Senator from New York as she spoke to her supporters at a patio/backyard event. Hillary seemed to encourage them to develop a "strategy" at the convention--she wanted their voices heard on a roll call vote; which she described as a "catharsis."

A dispatch from her fellow "warrior" Ginny follows Simone's.


This is Simone --

IT WAS CRAZY -- .... I was given strict instructions from Carolina to "tone it down" and "not to get into it with anyone" --- OK - I can do that. So, we were standing on a corner waiting for the light to turn green and for the whole group to catch up. I was holding my sign and chanting Hillary, Hillary -- these older women walked up and started screaming at me -- they got right into my face - YOU NEED TO SUPPORT OBAMA -- I stood my ground and laughed and said "May 31st, May 31st, May 31st" and I started dancing to my own beat / chant. Well, they were NOT happy with that - so they got closer and started yelling some more - the light turned - I wasn't moving ---- the news media was all over us camera's flashing, video rolling --- then there's a tug on my shirt -- it got stronger and there is Carolina pulling me along.

So we kept moving. We were bombarded all the way down to the the MSNBC stage -- which was our final destination. On 16th street in Denver - if you've never been - this is a long street which is cut off from traffic and only buses run - they do a loop from one end to the other -- today they were shut down for a few hours. So we had several blocks to walk -- we had a ton of energy and were pumped up. Everyone was taking photo's of us -- We had a Japanese news crew spot us and they did a quick piece --- so I will be on Japanese TV --- Carolina made me the best sign so it was very popular. We all had the same theme -- Let the delegates vote --- Mine said "Delegates Stay Strong" and it had 3 people with raised hands in the air. The media LOVED it - I had my photo taken so many times. We had several chants going on. One ASSHOLE joined us and was screaming "Hillary is a crybaby" -- so we all surrounded him and chanted "HILLARY" -- I of coarse said "OBAMA IS A RACISTS" -- until I got the look from Carolina --- someone needs to keep me in check.

We finally made it to MSNBC -- immediately the Obama people started yelling at us -- she lost, she lost --- so what --- but what about my vote? What about Michigan? What about respecting women? What about letting the process play out?

One guy started yelling "haters, haters, haters" - We started chanting Rezko -- then he said Monica -- we laughed and chanted Ayers --

The best part --- We held up a 4 x 8 HILLARY sign directly in the line of sight to be on video behind Matthew's ---- so here comes Security and some flunky to tell us to move it. Harriet tells him NO -- he asks us to move it over 5 feet and since they have leased this property he's telling us to move it not asking. I jump in the mix -- I say "show me your lease - and by the way - why didn't you think of this when you were planning this event? Didn't you think there would be people who would show up with signs?" --- Needless to say --- WE DID NOT MOVE OUR SIGN UNTIL WE LEFT.

So - some random happenings during this march.

While I was screaming "racists pig" at Chris Matthew's I had an old man told me to shut up --- sorry Mister - freedom of speech.
Same man also said what about the Supreme Court ---- I said -- well, I think I will have the baby !!
One young women asked me why I was being rude to Chris ---- you see you can say whatever you want to these people - you can make it up because they have no clue. So I told her he called Hillary a "white bitch" -- I could have told her anything --- she can't argue the point because she's CLUELESS
We had one 29 year old tell us -- her gut told her to vote for him --- gee my gut is telling me McCain

We are dragging butts !!!! My dogs are so tired. We were so hot.

Don't forget this idiot ----

I have video ----- won't have time to edit until I get back. Thanks for all the positive notes back -- thanks for being here is spirit with us -- means a lot."

Warriors - "This is Ginny.

Hello from Denver! Today we truly earned our names: "Warriors." Simone, Carolina, Manji, Irene and I met up with the PUMA leadership and other "devotees." We armed ourselves with signs that "demanded" that the delegates be allowed to vote and we marched as a group of over 50 through downtown Denver and to the outside of the convention center.

It was electric! Many women cheered us and many even grabbed out signs and joined us. Many official looking Obama people stared as we chanted, "18 million!" "No secret deals!" and " You can't do it without us!" As we tired we morphed into more humorous chants, "Keep the Change" and "We'd rather keep the baby."

I personally was stopped and interviewed and photographed by over ten different media people. When we got to the convention center we found that MSNBC was filming "HardBall." Chris Matthew's walked on the stage and many of the PUMA's starting chanting Sexist Pig!" Mr Matthew's was visibly unhappy. after making noise and holding up our sings during the near entire filming we decided that our goals were accomplished for the day and we went out for hamburgers.

By then Toni, Vivian, Kathy and Janet had joined us and we regrouped and headed for the Candle light vigil for Hillary's campaign.