Who's Paying Maggie Williams?

03/24/2008 03:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

For weeks now, it has been routinely reported that Maggie Williams, who replaced the ousted Patti Solis Doyle as Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, is working without pay. I've wondered about it from the first time I read it.

This is the same Maggie Williams who worked as the First Lady's chief of staff, with an office in the West Wing and the additional title of Assistant to the President; the same Maggie Williams who came under fire during the Clintons' first term for allegedly removing papers from Vince Foster's office after he committed suicide, and who, although never charged with any wrong doing, accumulated $350,000 in legal bills as a result of being hauled in front of the Senate Banking Committee and questioned about matters relating to Whitewater. She also became embroiled in President Clinton's fundraising scandals. After Bill Clinton unhappily left the White House, Williams worked briefly as his chief of staff; successfully bringing order and goals to the initially distracted and disordered former president.

In Saturday's Wall Street Journal, Mary Jacoby, T.W. Farnam and Amy Chozick report on the financial situations as of late February of the two campaigns. Obama has little debt and $32 million in the bank to devote to besting Hillary. Hillary has $11 million and has $3.7 million in debt. For the month of February, Hillary's campaign managers paid $3.1 million to pollster/strategist Mark Penn's firm and $608,000 to advertising adviser Mandy Grunwald's firm, while Maggie Williams, who seems central to whatever ups the Hillary campaign has enjoyed lately, received nothing.

Questions were raised when news broke last month that Hillary had loaned her campaign $5 million and that some of her senior staffers would be working, temporarily, without pay. But then came assurances that fundraising had picked up and everyone was being paid; everyone, apparently, except Maggie Williams.

As far as I can tell nobody is raising the question about Williams' payless paydays. Does it strike anyone else as odd? If Hillary wins the nomination will Williams work for free during the general election campaign? If Hillary makes it to the White House, has Williams been promised the chief of staff's job?