SCDP Celebrates Fiscal Conservative Week Republican Style

06/12/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

You might have noticed that the Republicans are having a rough go of it in the press lately. The party of "family values" has been caught saying that their donors were "driven by ego", holding events at bondage clubs, and reimbursing thousands of dollars to their employees for designer clothes and top-shelf booze.

There's an old saying in politics: when your opponents are hurting themselves, either help or get out of the way. We Democrats believe in the power of working together, so I'm proud to announce the South Carolina Democratic Party's first-ever "Fiscal Conservative Week". Every politician wants to be judged by his or her record, so we're going to spend each day this week breaking down the fiscal records of some of South Carolina's leading Republicans. We'll be emailing, blogging, posting on Huffington Post, and calling on the press to help our Republican brothers and sisters publicize their records.

Today's lucky GOPer is none other than our junior Senator, Jim DeMint. You may have heard that Senator DeMint is the subject of an ethics complaint, and has been for nearly two weeks. In that time, however, he's made no attempt to clarify why he's paying only a little over half of the market value for his Washington home. He just proclaimed his innocence and hoped that the ethics complaint would go away.

We, on the other hand, would like to know who is paying Jim DeMint's rent. Somebody, somewhere, made the decision to allow certain select Congressmen and Senators to rent rooms from them at a reduced rate, even offering them meals and housekeeping services in a home worth more than $2 million. Who would do something like that? Wachovia, which took bailout money and has since made contributions of more than $22,000 to Senator DeMint? Big Oil, which he votes to protect at every turn? The possibilities are endless.

We're going to highlight similar malfeasance all week, in the name of bipartisanship and fiscal conservatism. We hope you enjoy it.