12/21/2010 03:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A(nother) Christmas Carol (VIDEO)

You might not realize it, but the version of Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol with which you are familiar is actually based on the first, unfinished draft. Fortunately, my collaborators at Shark at Work and I recently unearthed the final manuscript, which, due to a clerical error on the part of an unpaid intern at Dickens' publishers, had been languishing for the last 167 years under a stack of uncorrected copies of Louisa May Alcott's never-published Sci Fi series, Little Genetically Unclear Beings. And since we love literature so, we took it upon ourselves to bring to life the version of the story that Mr. Dickens intended the world to see. We begin shortly after the Ghost of Christmas Future has departed... the point at which the two drafts begin showing major differences:

Shark at Work is Sean Crespo, Dan Gaba, Carol Hartsell, Gabe McKinley, Nick Stevens & Ari Voukydis