Can We Earnestly Celebrate World Press Freedom Day?

05/03/2007 09:59 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In case you weren't aware, today is World Press Freedom Day. Unfortunately, there are many countries where freedom of the press cannot be exercised, so the all-inclusive "world" in this celebration means we still have work to do.

However, before we here in the United States get all cocky, draping the stars and stripes around our democratic shoulders, we must remember that simply because we believe we have this freedom due to the number of our media outlets, it's not quite so, thanks to the corporate ownership of many of these resources.

The Internet is an excellent antidote; however, how long will it last before that, too, is hijacked?

In order to celebrate this very important day today and years onward, we must pay close attention to this freedom and be ready to challenge any attempt to hold it hostage--be it from a corporation, government or a cowardly, purchased and manipulated media. Otherwise, we risk becoming like those in other parts of the world who can be tossed in jail for expressing an opinion, challenging a government, or simply asking the "wrong" question.