The Poison Spreads While Rove Be Bops

05/25/2011 12:05 pm ET

This past week, on independent journalist Arthur Kent's new Web site, we've been given an up close and personal view of much of what's going on in Afghanistan thanks to our administration here. Today's short video raises some questions about how our government is making some suspicious decisions for the Afghani people.

Sometimes I think many Americans would prefer to stay updated on who will be the next American Idol instead of trying to sort out the "who" and "whys" of politics. It's as though, for most of us, since we cannot wrap our minds around the complexities of what is going on "over there," not to mention here, it's easier to disregard much of it and stay in the safety zone of ignorance. It's quite likely, too, that the rap done by Karl Rove at the White House Correspondent's Association dinner would amuse most Americans because they really don't know this puppet master for what he is. For myself, I wanted to hurl watching a lowlife such as Rove be bopping to the thumping beat--an audacious act by someone who has ruined the lives of many for the political gains of others.

The thing is, more people will watch the video of rappin' Rove because it's entertaining than they will of While correspondent David Gregory is on stage swinging to the music with Rove, there are reporters "out there" bringing us information that has bearing on our lives. However, it's apparent that our country would rather stay in "sustained ignorance while the poison spreads" than understand the truth because it's frightening to realize just how dirty this administration is while feeling frustrated in a lack of ability to do anything about it.

Hey, if someone like Rove can draw raucous laughter from those who should be reporting the news and not being entertained by it, we're all in trouble.