11/08/2005 01:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Few Questions for the CIA

Over at Powerline, Scott Johnson has some important questions for the CIA about Joe Wilson:

(1) Why wasn't Wilson's February 2002 trip to Niger made subject to a confidentiality agreement?

(2) Did the Agency contemplate that Wilson would publicly discuss the trip at will upon his return?

(3) Did the agency anticipate that if he did so, it would attract attention to the employment of his wife by the agency?

(4) Why did the Agency select Wilson for the mission to Niger to check out such an important and sensitive matter given his lack of experience in intelligence or investigation?

(5) Was the Agency aware when it selected him for the mission of his hostility to the Bush administration?

And in this piece, Johnson asks some tough questions about the CIA's willingness to allow CIA analyst Michael Scheuer to publish a conveniently pre-election attack on the Bush administration.

Of course, there are a couple other answers that we'd all like to know:

-- Who at the CIA leaked word that a criminal referral had been sent to the Justice Department in the wake of the alleged "leak" of Valerie Plame's status?

-- Who at the CIA leaked information about the agency's imprisonment of Al Qaeda terorrists overseas?

At least we may end up getting some information about the latter. And that should be just the beginning -- for it's becoming increasingly clear that the CIA has been waging its own partisan war against the Bush Administration.

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