10/29/2013 05:03 pm ET Updated Dec 29, 2013

365 Invocations to Create an Extraordinary Life, Week 9

Bright new friends and fellow travelers, I'm delighted to be with you once more... especially since today is my birthday and it's a big one. You see, today marks the 65th year I've been breathing on the planet. And, let me tell you, it's been quite a journey... one not for the faint-hearted, but one filled with grit and grace, overwhelming beauty, dizzying despair, incredible inspiration and as much drama and comedy as my ego could possibly drum up. I have lived 64 years of trying to figure out what holds true meaning for me and invites me to feel really alive but today I got the answer in a more rewarding way.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed a different scenario unfolding then any other birthday I have ever experienced. This morning began with gratitude for being alive. Simply that. Looking up and then within, I realized that my life is no longer about what I want or need to feel happy. Today I realized that my life is no longer just about me, it's about listening to the earth -- all living things -- and doing my best to be of service in any way I can. It's about asking what is for my highest good and the good of all from an objective place and truly listening to what is whispered back to me. This sounds easier than it is because my mind wants what it wants and most of the time it wants it now. And then, of course, there is the constant challenge of deleting negative, limiting thoughts and feelings that can sabotage us along the way. But I am on my way, I can feel it!

In the past, birthday invocations would include making a list first of what kinds of accomplishments I wanted for myself and everybody else in my tribe and then praying that it would happen in a peaceful way.

But this morning I remembered Dr. Wayne Dyer's wonderful insight "We don't manifest what we want, we manifest in life what we are." I sat for a while looking out at the leaves changing color and drifting by in the autumn wind. I thought about this feeling of oneness with all of life and how that makes me feel truly alive. "I am connected to that," I thought, watching the flow of creative energy in front of me. "I want my life to be a reflection of the love and energy that created me and everything else. That's where every invocation has to come from -- that sense of knowing who and what the source of creating my life really is and paying homage to that."

I felt the morning fog lifting and I sat down and wrote a letter to the source, to the universe. I asked how I could be of service, where I could focus my energy that might bring more love, more joy, more peace to the earth. The sun broke through and I felt it bathing me, helping me call forth the following invocations. I hope you will find them healing as you read them, and if you do, then it will be your turn to connect to the source and invoke them your way.

1. Today I surrender my wants and needs to the healing power of the universe, the source of all life, knowing it will forever take care of me.
2. As I surrender to a higher source I find new resources to draw from and a peaceful connection.
3. I know I am on the right path when I ask the universe, "What is for my highest good?" and listen quietly and objectively.
4. I realize that in order to manifest an extraordinary life I must align with the natural power of the universe.
5. I realize now that I am a part of all of life and that "knowing" is my true home.
6. In order to know how to best serve, I will ask the Universe from a place of total surrender and gratitude.
7. What brings peace and love to you, brings peace and love to me. I choose oneness as my life path.

From now on I am going to think of every day as a birth day, a time to renew my trust in that which helps me manifest the best life for myself and everyone else. So, age 65 seems, well, inconsequential somehow now. Do you know what I mean? Beginning today I want to value every day, every moment, as best I can. I will choose to practice to stay present. Perhaps we will choose to help each other as friends along the path... make every day a birth day into a higher, kinder, more connected consciousness. See how all of this feels to you and leave a comment if you like. I would love to hear from you.

And, see you next week, when we will go further in our journey together. Take care of yourself out there! Be well! Namaste!


Carol Simone, simply known as Simone, is a spiritual catalyst in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the author of The Goddess of 5th Avenue, Being Quan Yin, Becoming the Energy of Love and Compassion, The Kiss of the Shaman and others. You can write to her at

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