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Carolina Moreno
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Carolina Moreno is an Editor on The Huffington Post Latino
Voices vertical. She's an NYU alumnus with a degree in Journalism, Latin American Studies, and French language. Her interests include Inter-American relations, Latin American politics, and human rights issues on both sides of the canal. In a loving but contradictory relationship with the world, humanity & what connects the two.

Entries by Carolina Moreno

Gina Rodriguez Has An Affair To Remember On ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

(0) Comments | Posted August 4, 2015 | 5:12 PM

If you’re going to sweep Gina Rodriguez off her feet, you’re going to need a hand -- or two.

The “Jane the Virgin” star was the celebrity guest on Monday’s episode of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” playing alongside the show’s improv veterans Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Jeff Davis. But things got particularly out of hand when Stiles, Rodriguez and Mochrie’s hands were placed in a luxury hotel for a romantic rendezvous.

In the skit titled “Helping Hands,” Stiles popped some bubbly and fed threw the actress handfuls of grapes as she tried to keep up with the antics.

Earlier in the episode, the 31-year-old star challenged Brady and Davis to sing about her character Jane, reimagining her not as a virgin but as an organic corn farmer. The skit even inspired the actress to do a little bit of freestyle rapping.

Watch the "Helping Hands" segment above and check out the full episode on The CW.


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Madison De La Garza Opens Up About Being Cyberbullied At Age 6

(0) Comments | Posted August 3, 2015 | 6:43 PM

Madison de la Garza is best known for playing Gabrielle Solis’ rebellious daughter, Juanita, on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.” But during her time on the hit series, the child star faced some cruel realities online.

De la Garza opened up about being called “fat,” “ugly” and “slut” on Twitter when...

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Sofia Vergara Channels The Kid In All Of Us With Sweet Mustache

(0) Comments | Posted August 3, 2015 | 12:23 PM

Sofia Vergara knows that nothing makes those lazy hazy crazy days of summer sweeter than cotton candy. 

The "Modern Family" star also knows that cotton candy can be a great fun form of disguise. And a mustachioed Vergara was caught pink-handed playing with the sugary treat on Sunday, evidence of...

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9 Times Gina Rodriguez Schooled Hollywood On Diversity

(0) Comments | Posted July 29, 2015 | 12:06 PM


From a young age, Gina Rodriguez  felt there was something wrong about who she was (or rather, who she wasn't) seeing on television. And since her breakout role on The CW's "Jane The Virgin", the 31-year-old actress has explicitly spoken about her "mission" to change...

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Calle 13 Isn't Separating, Residente Clarifies Group’s Recent Decision

(0) Comments | Posted July 28, 2015 | 5:14 PM

René “Residente” Pérez wants to reassure fans that they haven’t seen the last of Calle 13.

The singer clarified on Monday that he and Eduardo “Visitante” Cabras, his stepbrother and bandmate, were not breaking up, after rumors of the group's separation began to swirl online.

Speculation that the Puerto Rican...

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Telemundo Tackles 'Huge Obstacles' Immigrants Face In The U.S.

(0) Comments | Posted July 28, 2015 | 1:17 PM

“Those who come here already lost everything, and they don’t want to lose anything more.”

Mexican immigrant Carlos Martinez says this in the teaser for Telemundo’s new telenovela, “Bajo El Mismo Cielo.” Gabriel Porras (“¿Dónde Está Elisa?,” “El Señor de los Cielos”) portrays Carlos, a hardworking Los Angeles landscaper who crossed the border illegally several years ago in search of a better life for his family.

But after the death of his wife, Carlos struggles to raise his sons with the same values he was taught as they grow up in the United States with a new culture and new obstacles to take on. 

Perla Farias, Vice President of Novela Development, is behind the script for “Bajo El Mismo Cielo,” as well as other network hits “¿Dónde Está Elisa?” and “Marido en Alquiler.” In an interview with The Huffington Post via email, Farias discussed the inspiration behind Telemundo’s latest telenovela and how its storyline will touch upon the hot button topic of immigration.

This telenovela was inspired by Roger L. Simon’s screenplay “The Gardener,” which became the 2011 film “A Better Life” starring Mexican actor Demián Bichir. How much of the film’s story did you keep?  

This script was our springboard for creating “Bajo el mismo cielo” but, as you can well imagine, transforming a film script that lasts about a couple of hours into a novela that will last at least 120 hours, leaves a lot of pages to write!

We certainly kept the “seed” of “The Gardener”; that beautiful main character, Carlos, who is a hard working gardener and has a son whom he tries to stay connected with, even though they each see life through a different lens. That struggle is still very present in our version, but we went much further and we created many new characters. 

 Obviously many Latinos in Telemundo's audience can relate to Carlos' story but why did the network decide to touch upon the topics of immigration and the life of an immigrant in the U.S. now?

Telemundo decided to develop this story more than a year ago, and production began last February. We felt it was a story that could be very relevant for our audience since we are the only Spanish-language network that produces Hispanic content in the U.S. We wanted to delve into this issue that for long time has been a hot topic for our audience. It’s a big coincidence that just before the premiere, immigration is such a trending topic.

In the teaser, Carlos talks about the American dream and contemplates what it means to him. Is this the driving force behind the telenovela? Do you intend to explore what the American dream means?

The American dream for Hispanics is mostly about attaining a better life, not only for the individual, but also for the whole family. In this respect we do touch upon the bravery one must have to even aspire for this dream, to risk crossing borders as an [undocumented immigrant], and to face the challenges and difficulties that this dream entails. Most of these people come here in search of a more dignified life. Part of what we explore in this story, is the huge obstacles these immigrants face once they are in the Promised Land.

I hope we have depicted this issue with emotion and respect, not only towards Hispanics, but also towards North Americans. Most of the Hispanics who live in this country love it, and feel like a part of it. They are very grateful to be here.

As the 2016 presidential election approaches, immigration becomes a hotter topic than ever. What can we expect the telenovela to touch upon?

Illegal immigration is certainly a political issue, but we don’t take any particular stand. It’s up to the audience to make their own judgment. We just depict the lives of immigrants (legal or not), their passions, aspirations, fears and hopes. It is based on fiction, but we have tried very hard to be realistic in all the legal aspects concerning the topic.

You wrote and helped develop “Bajo El Mismo Cielo,” do you feel personally connected with Carlos and his story?

I connect with this story in so many levels; it’s inspirational and holds many values that are important to my life. Among those, there’s honesty, hard work, unconditional love and forgiveness! Beyond the issue of immigration, this is a universal story about a father who raises his two children on his own. He tries to keep the values that are important for him present in his home, but he is constantly facing new challenges. The society that surrounds him is not perfect and has some negative aspects. Among them, the exacerbated materialism, where more is best, and the unquenchable desire to have every need satisfied immediately. 

Carlos represents all the good and honest people that come to this country willing to work hard for the chance of attaining a better life. I believe this is the quest of most immigrants around the world. No one leaves their home, relatives and homeland to be worse off. I, myself, am an immigrant. My family and I became citizens 5 years ago and we feel extremely proud and lucky to have had the opportunity. 

“Bajo El Mismo Cielo” premieres Tuesday, 9 p.m. EDT on Telemundo.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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Bomba Estéreo Experiments With Explosive Dance Beats In 'Amanecer'

(0) Comments | Posted July 27, 2015 | 4:09 PM

Bomba Estéreo built their sound by fusing together the folkloric and tropical sounds of their native Colombia with modern beats. But with their recently released fourth album, “Amanecer,” the group’s Cumbia-infused songs take the backseat as new high-powered electronic dance tracks call shotgun.

That’s not to say...

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‘Empire’ Star Derek Luke Slams Followers For Criticizing Wife's Race

(2) Comments | Posted July 24, 2015 | 2:33 PM

Actor Derek Luke's online followers became concerned with the race of his wife recently, and he's not having it.

Luke, 41, addressed the issue via Instagram after he noticed some comments on one of his social media accounts concerned with the fact that his wife is not Black. He...

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Maria Hinojosa On Why She Felt 'Invisible' Growing Up Latina In U.S.

(0) Comments | Posted July 23, 2015 | 12:06 PM

Latinos lack serious representation in the mainstream media, and there is data that proves it. But no survey or report can articulate the impact not being visible in the news, television and film might have on someone.

Award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa took on that feeling of “invisibility” during the first-ever TEDxPennsylvaniaAvenue event held in Washington, D.C. on June 24. The 54-year-old radio anchor spoke about growing up in Chicago during the civil rights era and what led her to eventually start a media organization that focuses on Latino issues, Futuro Media Group. 

“As a little girl, I understood the importance of journalism and reporting and media, but I never saw myself there,” the Mexican-American journalist said in the talk recently published on YouTube. “My stories didn’t appear. We were invisible. I was invisible from the media narrative. No one in the reporting that I saw looked like me [and] looked like my family, so I began to think that maybe somehow my life -- my story -- was less valuable. Less important.”

In the '60s and '70s the journalist found inspiration from an iconic source.

“Then one day I saw Martin Luther King speaking,” Hinojosa said. “And it was this person who looked the most unlike me, who made me believe that maybe one day ‘Yes, I could in fact be a part of the fabric of this country.’ I didn’t know this invisibility, I just lived it. I didn’t understand it. And I came to see myself and feel myself as, ‘the other.’” 

Hinojosa’s experience is far from being a thing of the past. The National Association of Hispanic Journalists found that between 1995 and 2004 less than 1 percent of network news stories were about Latinos. The stories that did focus on Latinos during that period of time rarely placed them in a positive light. 

Futuro Media Group is currently one of the most notable forces behind increasing Latino visibility in the news. The organization is behind NPR’s Latino USA, where Hinojosa serves as anchor and executive producer, and "America By The Numbers" on PBS -- the latter explores the major demographic shift happening in the United States.

Watch Hinojosa explain more about her personal journey as a Latina journalist in the United States and how she finally shed her “cloak of invisibility” in the video above.


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Michael Bublé Shows Off His Spanish After Moving 'AGT' Performance

(0) Comments | Posted July 22, 2015 | 12:12 PM

It seems marriage has done wonders for Michael Bublé's Spanish.

 The Canadian crooner served as a guest...

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'OITNB' Star Dascha Polanco On Not Being Size Zero In Hollywood

(1) Comments | Posted July 17, 2015 | 4:47 PM

“Orange Is The New Black” star Dashca Polanco isn't shy about sharing the body-related insecurities she had growing up. Now, the star delves into her personal struggles and how she hopes to inspire others. 

This weekend Polanco, 33, will join “The Real” host Adrienne Bailon, plus-sized model...

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‘Jane The Virgin’ Narrator Anthony Mendez On Getting The Show’s Only Emmy Nomination

(0) Comments | Posted July 17, 2015 | 12:15 PM

Fans of The CW's "Jane the Virgin" were shocked to find that the series' lead, Gina Rodriguez, was not among the Emmy nominees announced on Thursday. And they weren't alone. 

Narrator Anthony Mendez picked up the show's only Emmy nomination this year in the Outstanding Narrator category. The...

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It's Official: A Selena Quintanilla MAC Cosmetic Line Is Coming In 2016

(0) Comments | Posted July 16, 2015 | 3:49 PM

Thousands of Selena Quintanilla fans’ hearts exploded as news of a MAC cosmetic line inspired by the slain Tejano singer broke on Thursday morning.

The cosmetics company delivered the news to fans via their social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram.

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Joan Sebastian Dead: Legendary Mexican Singer Dies At 64

(0) Comments | Posted July 14, 2015 | 10:39 AM

Mexican singer and songwriter José Manuel Figueroa, better known as Joan Sebastian, died Monday at his ranch in Guerrero, Mexico. He was 64.

The artist’s death followed a long battle with bone cancer. Mara Patricia Castañeda, a Televisa journalist and friend of Figueroa's, announced his death via...

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Romeo Santos In Concert: ‘F**k Donald Trump!’

(1) Comments | Posted July 13, 2015 | 1:39 PM


NEW YORK -- Bachata is a musical genre known for its raw sensuality, and its king is no different.Romeo Santos, 33, performed his famously raunchy show before nearly sold-out crowds at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for three nights this weekend. The Bronx native held very little back during the second leg of his Formula Vol. 2 world tour, including on Friday some choice words for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

During a portion of the concert in which he comments on how different nationalities demonstrate their appreciation for his music, the King of Bachata slammed Trump before delving into what Mexican fans do.

“Fuck Donald Trump!” Santos yelled, as the crowd screamed its approval.

“You got a problem with Mexicans, but they built your fucking buildings, motherfucker,” he continued. 

Donald Trump has become a target for many Latino celebrities, politicians and activists since he made some harshly anti-immigrant comments while announcing his presidential candidacy on June 16. The business mogul specifically pointed to Mexican immigrants as problematic. Despite the public backlash, he has refused to apologize from his remarks.

"The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems," Trump said in that speech. "When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

Santos, who usually shies away from politics, did not repeat his Trump comments during his final performance on Sunday to an approximately 18,000-strong crowd, the majority of whom appeared to be Latino. The singer speaks to his audiences in both Spanish and English, sometimes switching languages mid-sentence as his fans respond with deafening chants of devotion.

Throughout his career, the half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican singer has stayed true to his name with romantic lyrics. On stage, the singer also uses his body to seduce female fans who are eager to be chosen for his on-stage antics, often kissing and groping him.

On Sunday, however, one male fan managed to stand out from the crowd when he was invited on stage to test how well he knew Santos’ music. Sporting a red cap and a confident attitude, Wonder (as he called himself) surprised even the King of Bachata with his extensive knowledge and showmanship. The two eventually broke into an energetic duet on Santos' hit “Ella Y Yo.”

Santos ended their duet by noting that the interaction had not been planned -- Wonder’s out-of-tune singing may have been a clue. And he sent Wonder away with a signed copy of his CD and a selfie with the crowd.  

Take a look at some photos from Romeo Santos' tour below:

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'Boulevard' Star Roberto Aguire On Working With Robin Williams In Last Dramatic Role

(0) Comments | Posted July 10, 2015 | 12:04 PM


It can be a long road to acceptance, particularly when it comes to who you are.

That sentiment is what drives Robin Williams’ character Nolan Mack in the Dito Montiel-directed indie film “Boulevard.” The 60-year-old bank officer has led a lonely life despite his long...

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Latina Poet Has A Powerful Answer To 'Are You Fluent In Spanish?'

(0) Comments | Posted July 8, 2015 | 11:22 AM


“If you ask me if I am fluent in Spanish, I will tell you that my Spanish is an itchy phantom limb; it is reaching for words and only finding air.”

These words are the beginning of Melissa Lozada-Oliva’s slam poem, “My Spanish.” The 22-year-old spoken word artist delivered her performance during the Women of the World Poetry Slam 2015 showcase in Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 21. But a video of her at the event was posted online on Monday by Button Poetry’s YouTube channel.

 In the poem, Lozada-Oliva expresses the fleeting nature of the language in her life and connects it to her own life memories.

She continues: “My Spanish is my third birthday party, half of it is memory the other half is that photograph on the fridge; is what my family has told me.”

The Boston-based artist also compares her memory of Spanish to how she remembers her parent’s divorce: “chaotic, broken, something I have to choose to remember correctly.”

“At first, I wanted to write a poem about how my parents met in an ESL class,” Lozada-Oliva told The Huffington Post via e-mail. “My mom is from Guatemala and my dad is from Colombia and they never would have met without their common need to learn English in Boston.”

“In a lot of ways I think it reflects my whole life and identity,” she continued. “I'm fascinated by the fact that English and their dreams of this country brought them together and in some ways, tore them apart. But there was still love there, you know? I wanted to investigate that love.”

She said the poem was also a way to find an answer to the question she often gets: “Are you fluent in Spanish?"

“Small talk questions about one’s identity usually have nothing to do with them as a person,” Lozada-Oliva said. “I feel that the answers people are looking for are a party trick or skillset. I wanted to write a poem that combated that.”

 While the artist understands that her poem is based on her personal experiences and connection to the language, she hopes the words in her poem will resonate with others in her community.

“I just hope my pocket of experience will help other Latinos and Latinas understand that their story is valuable and also needs to be told,” Lozada-Oliva concluded.

Watch the full performance in the video above.

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Shakira Reacts To Donald Trump's 'Hateful And Racist Speech'

(242) Comments | Posted July 1, 2015 | 3:42 PM

More than two weeks after Donald Trump characterized Mexican immigrants to the U.S. as "rapists" and criminals, the backlash from the Latino community and from various businesses is still growing.

International superstar Shakira and department-store chain Macy’s are the latest to chime in on Trump's incendiary...

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Shakira Celebrates Sasha's 5 Month Birthday With Adorable Photos

(1) Comments | Posted July 1, 2015 | 9:26 AM

Shakira's second son just turned 5-months-old and the singer celebrated with some adorable photos on Instagram.

The Colombian star posted a photo collage of a wide-eyed and smiling Sasha on Monday. Clearly Shak's youngest may have inherited his soccer star dad's light eyes and hair but...

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'Dope' Star Tony Revolori Is Your New Favorite Latino Nerd

(1) Comments | Posted June 29, 2015 | 2:49 PM

"Dope" goes beyond the coming-of-age movie genre. It’s a comedy that, above all, reveals what life can be like for black and Hispanic teens growing up in impoverished and violent neighborhoods -- even when the kids are “geeks.”

If that isn’t enough to make “Dope” stand out...

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