You Already Have A Death Panel

09/25/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Funny how people think "death panels" don't already exist! I'd like to point out my friend who came down with breast cancer during a disqualifying lapse in premium payments while going freelance (sorry, girl, no coverage for you!), my other friend whose employer had to renegotiate her coverage for her in order for her to be covered when she came down with cervical cancer (meanwhile she waited on tenterhooks to see if her employer actually found her valuable enough as an employee to go to that trouble for her), and my own health plan: go back to France for any life-preserving treatments I think might be worth going through, because even as an American paying full price, it's so much cheaper there. And better. And they called me "mademoiselle" in the waiting room! (I lived there for 12 years and if socialism is what you call excellent, cheap, taxpayer-paid quality health care for all, well, call me a socialist and stop letting me bail you out with my taxes!)