01/24/2011 05:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Are You Over-Doing All the Right Things?

Why are some entrepreneurs more successful than others? This is a burning question for many over busy, over tired and over struggling entrepreneurs whose energy, drive and motivation have evaporated as they do 'all the right things' and yet they aren't moving forward.

Just because you think you're doing 'all the right things' if they aren't tied to your core mission and passion, they might not be right for you. While certain structures do need to be in place, in this ever-changing business environment you don't have to follow a cookie cutter model if it's not for you.

At first, it may sound too 'new age' to incorporate your own 'happiness' into your strategic plan. Yet, according to Daniel Pink, author of DRIVE, "The secret to high performance and satisfaction--at work, at school, and at home--is the deeply human need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world." This is not only a formula for happiness; it's a formula for success.

Unfortunately for so many of us, somewhere along our entrepreneurial journey we become inundated with what we think we should be doing. The goals we set aren't tied to our passion, but many times to extrinsic motivators like money and we lose motivation, clients and sales. We also lose our happy selves.

So what do you do? Re-discover what motivates you. Re-think the original reason you started your business. Re-visit what your strategic plan and include words like happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in your definition of success. Without intrinsic motivators, chances are against you achieving your goals because you're likely to burn out along the way!

According to Daniel Pink, "Rewards...can transform an interesting task into a drudge. They can turn play into diminishing intrinsic motivation, they can send performance, creativity and even upstanding behavior toppling like dominoes". Researchers have found that when creative people create for the sheer joy of creation, they are more productive and happier. In addition, their work is of a higher caliber.

Another thing you can do is join me on January 28th and 29th in Ontario, CA where I will be attending Lisa Marie Platske's LEADERSHIP SUCCESS SUMMIT 2011. Lisa Marie is the award winning CEO of Upside Thinking, an international leadership development company committed to transforming the personal and professional lives of leaders. This year's summit theme is, "Moving Forward: Prosperity in Changing Times".

Lisa Marie believes that "a lot of people aren't moving forward, even with money and sales skills...sometimes the only things they need are small steps to attract clients and profitability and action plan."

Doing what we love needs to be balanced with structure and finding our own path. How do you balance what you love with what you have to do to run the day to day of your business? Lisa Marie's answer is to "invest in what you do best and network the rest... otherwise your battery dies". Lisa Marie ensures that entrepreneurs will leave her conference with tools to move forward. Included in these tools will be the power to reconnect with intrinsic motivators as well as learning how to "network the rest".

"This year's Leadership Success Summit is all about a path to success that's a better, simpler, and a more authentic way to create prosperity at every level of your business - and your life. ... It all starts with where you are right now..." That doesn't mean undermining the solid work you've done and your current accomplishments. It just means that, in this market, there is a lot of room for creativity. Entrepreneurs need to turn these strategies into real-life actions to move forward. This begins with connection. It might mean reconnecting to what your personal motivators are and then connecting with other entrepreneurs to create strategic partnerships and long term business friendships. Connection, in all aspects, is one of our most valuable assets in today's marketplace.

"The power of motivation and increasing your sphere of influence" is one of Lisa Marie's sure fire ways of moving forward. She believes, "You have to look at motivation like a car battery and what keeps it moving is that internal piece and there is a big difference between movement and motivation." Lisa believes that her clarity of vision drives her activities and they are based on what is meaningful for her. In other words, her actions are in alignment with her core mission.

We can't ignore what we love any longer. Science is supporting us now! Drawing on four decades of scientific research on human motivation, Daniel Pink exposes the mismatch between what science knows and what business does--and how that affects every aspect of life. If we spend the majority of our days doing what we love, we will be more successful. We will easily stay motivated as we move forward.