11/08/2011 02:08 pm ET | Updated Jan 08, 2012

Ten Reasons to Watch the CMA Awards

  1. I get to wear multiple outfits... and at someone else's expense!
  2. My co-host Brad Paisley is a distinguished songwriter, singer, guitarist, a true humanitarian and the newly published author of Diary of A Player. (He paid me handsomely for the book plug.) He's also the single biggest and most shameless wiseacre on either side of the Mason-Dixon line. Don't believe me? Just watch.
  3. Miss Piggy -- with whom I competed fiercely at the host auditions this year -- has it out for me, I'm pretty sure. I caught her rehearsing "Remind Me," in her dressing room. I'll have to keep my eye on her.
  4. The hysterical and Emmy-winning Eric Stonestreet will come to Nashville to reclaim part of the Modern Family timeslot. That's my second favorite show on TV after The Walking Dead. But that's on another network, so forget I said that.
  5. What other show would bring you Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie, The Band Perry, the stars of Once Upon A Time, Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum, World Series MVP David Freese, Jason Aldean, and a few people who I can't mention yet for legal, moral and musical reasons.
  6. Country music is cool and the show is free. And the price is the same for the whole family.
  7. There will be a moving tribute to the legendary Glen Campbell featuring there of our finest guitar-slinging singers of all time -- Vince Gill, Keith Urban, and Brad.
  8. The amazing Faith Hill is singing on the CMA Awards for the first time in five years.
  9. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert will both be there too. Just between us, I'm beginning to suspect there's something going on between them.
  10. There will be some big surprises, but no, I can't tell you. Trust me -- don't tune in late!
Carrie Underwood co-hosts "The 45th Annual CMA Awards" -- Country Music's Biggest Night that airs live from Nashville Wednesday, November 9 at 8PM/7PM Central on ABC.