06/22/2015 10:48 am ET | Updated Jun 22, 2016

Why I Fight to End Inequality and Racism


I'm neither a separatist nor a supremacist of any race, religion, sex, sexuality... over another. What I am is more of a realist (not of my observation, but adopted from professionals in their respective fields) and a lover of justice for all. It doesn't get any more American than that.

People of color aren't really getting any so the focus is on them. I am the yang to a supremacist's hate. I am love. I care as much (maybe more) about a bullied white teen than the next guy. I worry as much (maybe more) about an abducted white baby as the next person. I ache as much (maybe more) for white folks living in poverty. I welcome everyone into my life that comes with good intentions. All that I have learned has been from people from all walks of life: White, Black, Jewish, Latino professors and mentors.

Why am I not invested so much into anti-bullying movements? Because there is one for one kind and they don't lack hands or resources. Do you think there is one for Black and Latino kids? Black and Latino kids have bullies standing in every corner, every school, every home, every hospital, every employer, every church, every crevice of society and none are the poster child for anti-bullying. The world stops for abducted kids (one kind, mostly, and you know what kind that is), but not for the disappearance of Black and Latino children unless they are disabled because it is obvious that the majority loves the disability of a child a lot more than his/her own skin hue.

Poverty is hell, but it's even colder when you add race to it. That's why my focus is on it. I try my best to pick up my talking points from all fields. That includes science. For instance, we can all agree (and that doesn't require our green light) that race is a social construct, but we are wrong when we say children aren't born biased, racist or hating other people. One, studies are showing that even babies show a preference of people of their own race before any sort of indoctrination. That is usually left out from the kumbaya preachers who hardly experience any sort of discrimination -- those in positions of privilege. The way to combat that is by teaching them to have compassion for others and there's no way of showing them that without pointing out why and who gets the least.

The most insane arguments I've heard against pointing out discrimination and being passionate about it (because God forbid you feel anything for other human beings who are being mistreated) is that if you are too loud or too vocal about it it'll hurt those who are hearing it or you're pointing out their participation in it. That's like a child telling his dad that the hands he has around his neck is hurting him and for some twisted reason the mother tells both the dad and the child to behave for the sake of peace.

No, señores. It is not the same when the power structure is uneven. Not in this universe. If you love everyone equally, you extend your hand and shout out the loudest for those getting drowned. Not those who are on the boat. Showering the rich kid with gifts and giving one (or nothing) to a poor kid is inequality. To proclaim you care about both is dishonesty. You aren't about peace and love. You are for your loved ones and the love of your own ideology -- which was born from you and out of love for yourself. To that I say: check yourself before you wreck yourself.