The Haitian Earthquake Is The World's Katrina

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Casey Gane-McCalla Casey Gane-McCalla is a writer, actor, musician, journalist and the author of "Inside The CIA's Secret War In Jamaica."

5 years ago Americans stood in amazement as they witnessed their fellow citizens struggle through a natural disaster. Hurricane Katrina was a wake up call for the USA. After Katrina we could no longer hide and ignore the poor people of our country. We were forced to see the disastrous combination of poverty and natural disasters.

Today we are witnessing another great tragedy due to the combination of poverty and natural disasters. Although Haiti may not be a part of the USA, Haitians are fellow citizens of the world and fellow human beings.

The history of the world and the United States is interwoven with Haiti's. In many ways the people of Haiti are as much victims of the American system of economics as the victims of Katrina. Globalization has interconnected the economies of third world countries directly with the United States.

Before we are Americans, we are citizens of the world. Before we are citizens of the world, we are human beings. Every major religion holds helping out your fellow human beings in the highest regards. Many atheists and agnostics hold the same principles of helping fellow humans as well.

There are many things we can do to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake. We can donate to several organizations, we can organize food drives at your job or school, and we use your own social circles and social networks to spread awareness of the great tragedy.

My cousin in college is planning on traveling to Haiti during her spring break to help out. All journalists and entertainers who have the ability to reach out to people should make it a priority to spread awareness of the tragedy. If you work in finance and feel guilty about making a large bonus during after a near financial collapse, donate your bonus to Haiti.

People of the African Diaspora owe a debt of gratitude for Haiti, the first country to rebel against colonialism and gain independence. All people from all backgrounds, political beliefs, and religions should set aside differences to rally around the victims of this tragic disaster.

The Haitian prime minister is saying that 100,00 people may have died. That is thirty-three 9/11's or thirty-three Katrinas. So Republicans, leftist Obama critics, and supporters of our President, let us cast aside our differences and fight for something we can all truly acknowledge as good: helping your fellow man in need.

We cannot stop with donations. In order for us to stop another tragedy of this proportion, we must try and change the global economic system that leaves so many in poverty and a small few with vast wealth.

This is one time when we must support our troops who are being sent to Haiti. Our President has pledged to support Haiti and we must hold him to his word. Let our generation and our country be remembered for its compassion and ability to help out our fellow man, not our wars and our indifference to those in need.