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She Who Must Not Be Named

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As we continue to sift through the ashes of Republican Scott Brown's phoenix-like win in Tuesday's special election to succeed Ted Kennedy as Senator of Massachusetts, at least one thing is for sure -- failed Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, has become the Lord Voldemort of the Democratic Party. Her stunning defeat to a republican in the blue-est of blue states is no doubt mentioned now only in hushed tones in the offices of democractic lawmakers and strategists around the nation. Coakley is now referred to in Hogwarts speak as "She Who Must Not Be Named."

If the name Wllie Horton still sends shudders through lefty Who-ville, can you imagine what images Coakley's name now inspires among the democratic faithful? Aloof, entitled, as cold as fresh cod off a Gloucester fishing boat -- These are just some of the things being said about poor Martha here in her own home state. Why just a year ago, the electorate was saying the same thing about Bush-Cheney and company. How quickly the worm as turned. Democrats in Massachusetts aren't an endangered species, at least not yet. But it isn't hard to imagine that Governor Deval Patrick and Senator John Kerry will each be looking for new jobs after their next election cycle.

I for one say, "Thank you Martha Coakley." You were the ugly truth staring Massachusetts voters in the face this winter. We finally woke up and realized that pulling the lever for an actual Republican won't leave us all out in the cold.

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