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Cassandra M. Bellantoni
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Cassandra M. Bellantoni is best described as a persuasive, artistic-driven
storyteller, field producer and professional chef, who wants to make the world a better place. Always with an eye on social justice,
protecting the environment and good karma, Bellantoni has the ability to immediately connect with anyone, putting them at ease to get the perfect sound byte or quote.

Bellantoni’s entrepreneurial employment history could be likened to a hummingbird that cross-pollinates a vibrant garden, always with a strong emphasis on sales, marketing and customer relationships.

Bellantoni’s diverse creative background began from the time she could stand on a stool next to her talented grandmother in the kitchen, at the easel, the piano or the pottery wheel, which influenced her to obtain a
degree in Culinary Arts from the California Culinary Academy of San Francisco. With an extensive knowledge of both front-and
-back-of-the-house restaurant management, she opened her first restaurant, TaDelfinia, at age 24. The restaurant was a hit in Campbell, Calif., receiving awards and accolades for the healthy Mediterranean food and atmosphere, well before its time.

After owning and running restaurants, corporate food-service locations, catering companies and a cookie business, Cassandra changed her focus to film, video and television production, working as a producer with
two well-known Bay Area companies, Television Associates and Media Vista Productions (MVP), which served some of the most successful firms in Silicon Valley.

Bellantoni was on the advisory board of the De Anza College Film and TV department from 19982004. Just a year after being hired by MVP as a producer, Bellantoni purchased the company from its founder,
former NBC sports anchor Pete Liebengood, and continued to expand the business with Silicon Valley
companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and creating original content for TV.

In 1999 with rolling brown outs frequently occurring in California, Bellantoni took a complete detour and became director of sales and marketing of Harmony Solar, a family-owned solar electric business. Bellantoni
was responsible for the majority of Harmony Solar’s more than $5 million in annual photovoltaic sales and strategically partnered with top companies including Home Depot, SunPower, Solar Depot and BP Solar as
the emerging market began to boom.

Bellantoni moved to Los Angeles in 2010, starting over after a divorce and a successful fight against breast cancer, to pursue her dream of producing and writing for television. She currently works as a freelance field
producer and scriptwriter for Juris Productions, telling the stories of plaintiffs in high-dollar litigation cases. She also works on acting gigs and has a full-time sales job, while looking for the perfect place for her talents to shine.

Entries by Cassandra M. Bellantoni

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Hal Holbrook was honored with the Julie Harris Award at the Actor's Fund 15th Annual Tony Award Viewing Party in Los Angeles on June 12, 2011. Previous recipients of the award have included Julie Harris, Rita Moreno, James Earl Jones, Lauren Bacall and Liza Minnelli.

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Such is the case when I was...

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Seeing Arianna Huffington in Beverly Hills the other night was a full circle moment for me. A year ago a Huffington Post Technology Editor (Jose) asked me to blog about collective consciousness and that was the first step on a writer's journey that brought me to Los Angeles. I felt...

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Cooking Up A Reality Show: Technology Meets 'Lights, Camera, Action'

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If you have to get something done with no time, money or concrete plan, there are two kinds of people you can always count on: chefs and video production pros. Throw in the latest technology and there is nothing they can't accomplish! Luckily for me I have solid roots and...

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Is Technology Turning Up The Terror?

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Are we becoming a nation of fearful sissies? If you watch the news, listen to talk radio, read viral emails and comments on YouTube or even Facebook, it sure seems like that might be true. And it makes me wonder if technology is the cause of keeping the fear level...

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Did the BlackBerry Eat My Girlfriends?

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I'm the first to love technology when it brings us together, promoting understanding, lifting the level of our collective consciousness and helping us realize the best of our humanity. But in this era of instant communication, I'm still finding contact doesn't always equal connection.

Technology in the suburbs seems...

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Why I Won't Be Saying "Twenty Ten"

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Twenty ten. It's grammatically correct and no doubt rolls off the tongue easily. If I wouldn't have read my friend Alastair's Facebook posting, I'd probably be saying it too, but I have decided unequivocally that from now on I'll be saying "two thousand ten" instead and here's why -- Alastair...

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A Dream Dreamed For All of Us

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What if Albert Einstein had a computer in elementary school? What if Ghandi had followers on Twitter throughout the world? What if Mozart had Garage Band on his Mac? What if Confucius had a blog? Imagine Leonardo Da Vinci with Photoshop? Or Socrates with a talk show? These brilliantly influential...

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