10/07/2010 05:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Washington State Female Leaders Honor The Women Who Inspired Them

The National Women's Political Caucus of Washington's "Legacy of Powerful Women" event, held last night at Seattle's ArtXChange Gallery, assembled a roomful of female candidates in order to present the group's endorsements and honor outgoing female leaders.

See video of the event below:

Surrounded by an exhibit of global photographs by Cora Edwards, candidates mingled before the ceremony, chatting and comparing campaign strategies. Donna Tucker, running for District Court Judge in King County, said she'd been exploring different ways to meet voters. The use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter was mentioned multiple times, and news from Congressional candidate Suzan DelBene was delivered via a recent Facebook update, although one candidate was overheard saying emphatically, "Don't send me any Facebooks!"

At the ceremony's beginning, NWPC State President Linda Mitchell spoke of the organization's mission: to get more women appointed and elected in Washington State through efforts to recruit candidates, train them how to campaign effectively, endorsing candidates, and raising funds to support them.

Four outgoing women leaders were presented with certificates of appreciation by Mitchell: Senator Rosa Franklin, Senator Darlene Fairley, Representative Lynn Kessler and Representative Deb Wallace . Cheers greeted Senator Franklin's words when she declared in her acceptance speech, "I have put everyone on notice, I have not left. You will see me in a different role, on the other side agitating." Franklin proudly donned one of the NWPC's purple and white commemorative ribbons honoring 100 years of women's votes in Washington State.

Current candidates were introduced, and each was asked to mention a woman who had inspired them. While many invoked historical figures such as Rosa Parks or Eleanor Franklin, others mentioned more contemporary figures such as Geraldine Ferraro or members of their own family: grandmothers, mothers, and even a daughter.

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