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Nitehawk Cinema Serves Dinner With A Movie In Independent Theater Revival

(4) Comments | Posted May 24, 2013 | 10:15 AM

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- At the Nitehawk Cinema in New York's Williamsburg neighborhood, all the meals are served and eaten in the dark, lit only by the flickering images on the screen. Menu items like mussels, owner Matthew Viragh learned, don’t go over so well in the dim lighting. But finger...

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'Beardvertising' Campaign Aims To Get Whiskered Hipsters Wearing Ads In Their Beards

(34) Comments | Posted May 22, 2013 | 4:53 PM

Attention lumberjacks and hipsters: it's time to put that beard to work. A Kentucky-based advertising agency is offering $5 per day to men willing to wear an ad in their beards.

Ad agency Cornett-IMS designed their "beard-vertising" campaign for A&W Root Beer and says it is...

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Simple's Free Checking Accounts Are So Popular, There's A Waiting List To Get One

(225) Comments | Posted May 22, 2013 | 9:30 AM

At many big banks, customers say they want out. But with Simple, a new kind of free online checking account, there is a two-week waiting list to get in.

At this Internet-only bank replacement, there are no fees and no minimum balances. There are also no branches...

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Facebook Promotions See Pushback From Small Businesses

(16) Comments | Posted May 21, 2013 | 12:45 PM

Jennifer Messina runs her small soap business Seascape Skincare from her home in Toms River, N.J. She uses Etsy to sell her soaps and Facebook to help market them.

But even as her fanbase on Facebook has grown from 300 people to nearly 800 since last summer, when she created...

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Juiceman's Jay Kordich Is Trying To Rebuild A Juice Empire At Age 89

(10) Comments | Posted May 20, 2013 | 12:48 PM

NEW YORK -- Anyone who found herself zoned out on late-night television in the 1990s may remember the informercials starring Jay Kordich and his Juiceman Juicer. Kordich made riveting claims -- for example, straight parsley juice can get you high -- and millions of buyers soaked it up...

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Gay Marriage Ushers In New Kinds Of Wedding Suits

(102) Comments | Posted May 16, 2013 | 1:04 PM

Like many new brides, Bernadette Coveney Smith spent months hunting for the perfect look for her wedding day. Smith, who was married four years ago, didn't want a gown. She envisioned instead a perfect white pantsuit. The clothes she found, however, were more boardroom than ballroom.

“The fabric is off...

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Hefty Insurance Industry Donation Helped Small Business Group Fight Obamacare

(844) Comments | Posted May 15, 2013 | 4:51 PM

The insurance industry helped one of the nation's leading small business groups to push its anti-Obamacare message with a hefty financial donation, the National Journal reported on Tuesday.

According to the news report, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), a trade group for small businesses, quietly...

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5 Moms Who Launched A Business After Having A Kid

(50) Comments | Posted May 11, 2013 | 12:21 PM

Starting a company under normal circumstances is no easy feat. Add in a newborn baby and the venture is epic. But for many expecting mothers, parenthood is exactly the right moment to get off the corporate ladder and start their own company working from home.

"The reason why I was...

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Thiel Foundation Gives 20 More Students Money To Drop Out Of College

(54) Comments | Posted May 9, 2013 | 1:06 PM

Peter Thiel has lured yet another group of young kids out of college into the startup world.

On Thursday the billionaire venture capitalist's Thiel Foundation announced its third class of fellows.

These 20 college students will receive $100,000 each to start a business. As part of the...

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Beyond Meat CEO Says Meat Counters Will One Day Go Vegetarian

(72) Comments | Posted May 9, 2013 | 12:45 PM

If it doesn't cluck like a chicken or walk like a chicken, is it still a chicken? Some meatless meat makers would have you believe yes.

Enterprising fake-meat makers are lobbying grocery stores to start selling their products alongside chops, drumsticks and other products for carnivores.

“If we’re successful, we...

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Short First Names Lead To Higher Salaries: Study

(11) Comments | Posted May 6, 2013 | 12:15 PM

theladders names

While longer names may sound more sophisticated, shorter first names are the ones that lead to a bigger paycheck, according to a new study that compared name length and salary size.

For every extra letter in a name, there was a $3,600 drop in salary...

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Wool&Prince's 100-Day Shirt Goes Viral, Because Some Guys Do NOT Like Doing Laundry

(94) Comments | Posted May 2, 2013 | 5:16 PM

New college graduate Mac Bishop hated doing his laundry. So instead of finding a better way to wash his clothes, he created a better way to avoid the laundromat: He made a shirt that he only has to wash around three times a year.

Along with two friends, Bishop,...

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Sam Adams' Founder Jim Koch On How To Be A Ruthless Beer Merchant

(104) Comments | Posted May 2, 2013 | 10:51 AM

NEW YORK -- The Boston Beer Company, maker of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, hardly fits the image of a craft brewer anymore, although it retains that designation. Since it was founded in 1984, the company's success is legendary: It has grown from a kitchen-brewing project into the fifth-largest...

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Smitten Ice Cream Uses Science To Make The Perfect Scoop

(213) Comments | Posted May 1, 2013 | 3:12 PM

On the outside, San Francisco’s Smitten Ice Cream it looks like any other cute, local dessert shop with its bright decor and cheery lighting. But catch sight of the swirls of fog wafting from the industrial mixers inside, and it’s clear there's a whole lot of science happening here.

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Dog Tattoos Turn Preppy Pooches Into Punks

(58) Comments | Posted April 29, 2013 | 3:27 PM

It's not enough to have a matching leash and collar. The latest -- and can we say kind of insane -- way to dress up your dog? A tattoo.

One upscale dog grooming shop on Manhattan's Upper East Side is offering temporary tattoos for dogs for about $100. The glue-and-glitter...

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Brooks' CEO Jim Weber Explains How He Turned Around A Near-Bankrupt Business

(146) Comments | Posted April 25, 2013 | 11:25 AM

NEW YORK -- Brooks Running Company did not rush to make T-shirts following the Boston Marathon bombings. Instead, it quietly joined forces with others in the running industry to create a special website to help Boston raise money for victims of the tragedy, which it launched Monday.

“This collective effort...

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Fitbit Obsession Builds As Some Need 'Strong Motivation'

(108) Comments | Posted April 23, 2013 | 2:17 PM

Doukas Charalampos is so serious about working out that if he doesn’t get enough exercise in a day, his refrigerator's power shuts off and the food inside starts to spoil.

The strict shut-down comes courtesy of his Fitbit, a tiny, wireless digital gadget that Charalampos wears at all times and...

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'Game Of Thrones' Author George R.R. Martin Buys Movie Theater

(134) Comments | Posted April 22, 2013 | 5:43 PM

Film buffs can thank royalties from the House of Lannister for bringing a single-screen movie theater back to life in Santa Fe, N.M.

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, a Santa Fe resident, has purchased the single-screen Jean Cocteau Cinema and Coffee House, the Santa Fe New...

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Boston Manhunt Could Cost City Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars

(1307) Comments | Posted April 19, 2013 | 5:12 PM

In terms of life and limb, the attack that shook Boston on Monday caused losses that go well beyond dollars and cents. But for Surya Thapa, the owner of a Dunkin’ Donuts store in the Boston suburb of Watertown, the attack had a much more specific price tag: $4,000 to...

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Dunkin' Donuts In Certain Boston Areas Stay Open To Serve Police During City Lockdown

(914) Comments | Posted April 19, 2013 | 1:36 PM

On Friday afternoon, a handful of Dunkin' Donuts stores remained open in the Boston area to serve coffee and donuts, despite the widespread lockdown of the city and surrounding areas. Karen Raskopf, chief communications officer for Dunkin’ Brands, said the orders to remain open came from the city.

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