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These Parents Are Teaching Others How To Prevent What Tragically Killed Their Baby

(26) Comments | Posted January 26, 2015 | 4:03 PM

charlies kids

In the weeks after the birth of their son Charlie, Maura and Sam Hanke were the picture of exhausted, blissed-out new parents. Maura's pregnancy had been smooth and full of excitement. Her labor and delivery were straightforward, "nothing out of the ordinary," she said....

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In Male-Dominated Davos, A Call For More Paternity Leave

(22) Comments | Posted January 23, 2015 | 10:21 AM

At this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, amid discussions of everything from climate change to peace in the Middle East, one voice is putting a spotlight on a seemingly minor issue that could actually have huge implications for the way we live and work: paternity leave.

According to Wharton...

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8 Women On Why Roe v. Wade Has Mattered So Much To Them

(12) Comments | Posted January 22, 2015 | 8:44 AM

right choose

Thursday marks the 42nd anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, the landmark ruling that affirmed women's right to obtain a legal abortion.

At that time, the majority of states outlawed terminating a pregnancy, except in instances...

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Episiotomies Are Becoming Less And Less Common, New Numbers Show

(19) Comments | Posted January 16, 2015 | 6:21 PM

There was a time when episiotomy -- a surgical incision made in a woman's perineum -- was a routine part of childbirth in the United States, believed to help prevent the vaginal tears that can occur as babies emerge.

But with the procedure leading to complications, including infection...

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The App That Could Be A 99 Percent Effective Form Of Birth Control

(9) Comments | Posted January 15, 2015 | 3:50 PM

In many ways, family planning based on keeping track of one's fertility is about as old-school as it gets. By paying attention to fluctuations in body temperature or cervical fluid, women can track when they're ovulating and time intercourse so as to increase or decrease their odds of...

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5 Unexpected Ways To Break A Bad Habit

(7) Comments | Posted January 12, 2015 | 8:17 AM

The new year is still fairly fresh, but that doesn't mean that many of us haven't already been tested in our ability to break the patterns we swore to leave behind in 2014.

But breaking bad habits -- or what James Claiborn, a psychologist and co-author of The Habit Change...

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Nearly 1 In 5 Women Who Have A Hysterectomy May Not Need It

(3) Comments | Posted January 9, 2015 | 11:42 AM

Hysterectomy is the second most common surgery performed on reproductive-age women in the United States, after the cesarean section. An estimated 1 in 3 women in this country will have had their uterus removed by age 60.

Though the number of hysterectomies has declined in...

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(2) Comments | Posted December 31, 2014 | 1:47 AM



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Time May Not Heal A Broken Heart After All, Study Says

(1) Comments | Posted December 30, 2014 | 1:44 PM

It's been said that time heals a broken heart, but a small new study suggests that may not be true -- at least for those with broken heart syndrome.

The syndrome, also known as tako-tsubo cardiomyopathy or stress-induced cardiomyopathy, is an acute heart condition typically brought on by an episode...

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15 Quotes Every Woman Should Live By In 2015

(23) Comments | Posted December 29, 2014 | 9:25 AM

A new year is here, and with it another chance to start fresh, be bold or at the very least, bravely put one foot in front of the other. That can, of course, be far easier said than done, which is why we're turning to 15 of our favorite badass...

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6 coisas que os obituários podem ensinar sobre viver melhor

(0) Comments | Posted December 25, 2014 | 4:16 PM

Para muitos, os obituários podem parecer uma tarefa triste de realizar, mas nada poderia estar mais longe da verdade para as pessoas que os escrevem. "Eu nunca descrevo como as pessoas morrem”, disse Anne Wroe, que escreve obituários para a revista The Economist, em uma entrevista ao The...

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Give Yourself An Attitude Makeover In Under An Hour

(0) Comments | Posted December 22, 2014 | 11:12 AM

It can be hard to change your perspective on things. And doing so can be a serious undertaking -- one that tends to take commitment and discipline. (And that's not to suggest that everyone needs to be happy all the time: Sometimes we're sad. Sometimes we're angry. Sometimes we're stressed...

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FDA Discourages Unnecessary 'Keepsake' Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

(18) Comments | Posted December 17, 2014 | 3:21 PM

So-called "prenatal portraits" and ultrasound parties, in which parents-to-be visit commercial outfits for the chance to see and coo at their growing babies, may be trendy, but the Food and Drug Administration is speaking out against both practices.

This week, the group issued a revised consumer...

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The Young Women Who Are In Love And Happy -- But Never Orgasm With Their Partners

(58) Comments | Posted December 16, 2014 | 9:37 AM

They're young, in love, and committed to their relationships -- but some women never orgasm with their partners.

Lisa, 21, met and fell in love with her husband when she was just 16 and he was 19. The Arkansas native thought...

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6 Things Obituaries Can Teach Us About Living Better

(5) Comments | Posted December 13, 2014 | 11:21 AM

To many, obituaries might seem a sad business to be in, but nothing could be further from the truth for the people who write them. "I never mention how people die," said Anne Wroe, who has written obituaries for The Economist, in an interview with The Hairpin. "Because...

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Why It Matters That Women Talk About Their Abortions

(56) Comments | Posted December 12, 2014 | 8:32 AM

When Debra Hauser was 35 and a new mom to a 6-month-old boy, her husband went to work one day and did not come come home. She did not know where he was, or where her marriage was headed. Six weeks later, she found out she was pregnant again.


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10 Health Findings From 2014 Every Parent Should Know About

(0) Comments | Posted December 8, 2014 | 2:48 PM

Much of parenting is learned through experience; much is learned through guidance from trusted friends, family members and experts and much comes from straight instinct alone.

But when it comes to understanding children's health, a lot can be gleaned from tuning into the latest scientific research -- with the...

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4 conseils pour pratiquer la gratitude chaque jour

(0) Comments | Posted November 27, 2014 | 11:45 AM

Est-ce que la gratitude fait partie de votre quotidien? Robert Emmons, professeur au département de psychologie de UC Davis' et l'auteur de Gratitude Works, la définit comme «la reconnaissance du support qu'on reçoit des autres et notre désir de donner en retour le bien qu'on a reçu» au fil des...

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4 Incredibly Easy Ways To Practice Everyday Gratitude

(4) Comments | Posted November 25, 2014 | 8:13 AM

With Thanksgiving here, now is the time when many of us pause to reflect on all that we have and give thanks. But research shows there are major benefits to practicing gratitude -- which Robert Emmons, a professor in UC Davis' psychology department and author of Gratitude Works, defines as...

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After Tragedy, One Mom's Mission To End Distracted Driving

(38) Comments | Posted November 18, 2014 | 9:54 AM

On a late afternoon in 2007, the day after Thanksgiving, Kimberly Schlau of O'Fallon, Illinois told her 8-year-old daughter Maddy to put on her coat so they could go for a drive. She was fighting to contain her growing alarm over the whereabouts of her two eldest daughters --...

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