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Mom's Viral Post Shows Why You Should Choose Your Words Wisely

(0) Comments | Posted May 5, 2016 | 1:12 PM

Dallas Fowler was simply shopping one night in Walmart with her 2-year-old son when the unexpected happened. 

Her son, Jameus, has Hirschsprung's disease, which prevents his large intestine from passing waste after a rupture in his colon when he was just two weeks old. He wasn't wearing a onesie...

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This 'Harry Potter'-Themed Wedding Is Positively Spellbinding

(0) Comments | Posted May 5, 2016 | 10:18 AM

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live," Albus Dumbledore once said.  

UK Couple Cassie and Lewis Byrom lived out their dreams when they had a "Harry Potter"-themed wedding spectacular enough to make even the gloomiest Slytherin smile. The two held the ceremony on Nov....

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Beyoncé Speaks Out About North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law

(0) Comments | Posted May 4, 2016 | 1:15 PM

Beyoncé did not cancel her tour stop in North Carolina over the state's recent anti-LGBT bill, but she did speak out against it. 

The state has faced nationwide backlash after Governor Pat McCrory signed a sweeping bill back in March that prohibits cities from passing...

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John McCain's Son Has A Message For Racists Trolling Interracial Old Navy Ad

(0) Comments | Posted May 4, 2016 | 12:55 PM

Old Navy was trolled last week after tweeting out a photo of a new advertisement featuring an interracial couple. And John McCain's son is having none of it.

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(0) Comments | Posted May 3, 2016 | 10:13 PM


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Emma Watson's Met Gala Dress Was Made Of Recycled Plastic Bottles Because She's Awesome

(0) Comments | Posted May 3, 2016 | 10:39 AM

Emma Watson slayed at the Met Gala Monday night in New York City where the theme was "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology" because, obviously. 

But what many people might not have known is that the actress donned a black-and-white, off-the-shoulder dress with pants underneath made...

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인종차별주의 악플러들을 조용하게 만든 광고 (사진)

(0) Comments | Posted May 3, 2016 | 3:00 AM

인종차별주의적인 생각을 가지고 있는 악플러들은 의류브랜드인 올드 네이비가 트위터를 통해 공개한 사랑이 넘치는 가정의 모습에 더 이상 할 말이 없을 것이다.

지난 4월 29일, 올드 네이비는 고객감사세일을 홍보하기 위해 다른 인종끼리 결혼한 부부의 사진을 트위터를 통해 공개했다.

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‘겨울왕국2'에서 엘사에게 여자친구를 만들어 달라는 사람들의 캠페인

(0) Comments | Posted May 2, 2016 | 11:42 PM

애니메이션 ‘겨울왕국’은 기존 디즈니의 여주인공과는 다른 강하고 독립적인 여성을 그렸다는 점에서 많은 호평을 받았다. 그리고 지금 ‘겨울왕국’과 엘사를 사랑했던 사람들은 속편에서 또 한 번의 진화를 원하고 있다. 엘사에게 여자친구를 만들어달라는 것이다.

지난 5월 1일, 알렉시스 이사벨(Alexis Isabel)이라는 트위터 유저가 시작한 해시태그 ‘#GiveElsaAGirlfriend’는 트위터에서 큰 화제가 되었다.

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도널드 트럼프만큼 무시무시한 도널드 트럼프 가면

(0) Comments | Posted May 2, 2016 | 4:30 PM

악몽이란 이런 걸까?

하이퍼플레시(Hyperflesh)의 랜던 마이어는 최고의 가면 전문가다. 끔찍한 아기 가면들로 유명하지만 '브레이킹 배드(Breaking Bad)'의 월터 화이트와 '왕좌의 게임(Game of Thrones)'의 티리온 레니스터 같은 유명 배우 재현에도 남다른 재주가 있다.

그런데 이번엔 정치 쪽으로 관심을 돌렸다. 그리고 그 결과는 꿈에 나올까 걱정될 만큼...

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The Internet Is Campaigning For Elsa To Get A Girlfriend In 'Frozen 2'

(0) Comments | Posted May 2, 2016 | 11:36 AM

"Frozen" was lauded by audiences around the world for its portrayal of a strong, independent woman. But a sequel could go even one more progressive-step forward by pairing up Queen Elsa with a girlfriend. 

The hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend started thanks to a Twitter user named Alexis Isabel.

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Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Sexuality After Stories Claim She's Bisexual

(0) Comments | Posted May 2, 2016 | 9:21 AM

Sharon Osbourne doesn't care what you think about her sexuality. 

"The Talk" co-host spoke with Gay Star News after headlines labeled her bisexual following an episode of the CBS show last month. During the segment, Osbourne admitted to same-sex interests

"I am...

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Internet Perfectly Shuts Down Racist Trolling Of Old Navy's Interracial Ad

(0) Comments | Posted May 2, 2016 | 8:54 AM

Racist trolls were no match for the outpouring of love that followed after Old Navy tweeted an ad portraying an interracial family. 

On Friday, Old Navy tweeted...

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세계에서 가장 아름다운 고양이가 등장했다(사진)

(0) Comments | Posted May 1, 2016 | 3:01 PM

‘스무디’는 그냥 고양이가 아니다. 세상에서 가장 아름다운 고양이다.

스무디는 네덜란드에 사는 아비드 밴 보클의 브리티쉬 롱헤어로 다른 많은 고양이들과 같이 인스타그램 계정이 있다. 하지만 그녀가 특별한 이유는 ‘정말 정말 예쁜 고양이’이기 때문이다.

주인인 밴 보클은 허핑턴포스트에 “스무디의 인스타그램 계정을 만들게 된 건 제가 제 개인 계정에 스무디 사진을...

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Das soll die schönste Katze der Welt sein

(3) Comments | Posted April 30, 2016 | 9:06 AM

Smoothie ist keine gewöhnliche Katze. Nein. Smoothie ist die wohl schönste Katze der Welt. Sie ist eine Britisch Langhaarkatze, die in Luxemburg lebt.

Wie viele Katzen heutzutage hat sie einen eigenen Instagram-Account. Aber Smoothie ist besonders, denn sie ist ein richtig schönes Kätzchen.

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This May Be The Prettiest Cat In The World

(0) Comments | Posted April 29, 2016 | 1:31 PM

Smoothie is no ordinary cat. No. Smoothie might be the most beautiful cat in all the land. 

Smoothie is a British Longhair living in the Netherlands with her owner, Arvid van Boekel. Like many other cats in 2016, she has her own Instagram handle. But, Smoothie is special...

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'A Walk To Remember' Fans, Mandy Moore Has Something For You

(0) Comments | Posted April 29, 2016 | 9:48 AM

"A Walk to Remember" first touched the hearts of teens everywhere almost 15 years ago. Those feelings resurfaced this week, thanks to Mandy Moore. 

Moore is currently packing up and moving out of the home where she has lived for the past 14 years. On...

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"La vita non è un numero sulla bilancia". Una donna dopo la paura del cancro riscopre la gioia dell'essere madre

(0) Comments | Posted April 29, 2016 | 4:10 AM

I numeri sulla bilancia non dicono nulla. "Una volta ero ossessionata dal peso, pensavo di essere magra e bella. La mia parte preferita dell'essere mamma era che stavo perdendo il peso della gravidanza. Poi un paio di anni fa pensavo di avere il cancro, e ho avuto tanta paura che...

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This College Cheerleader 'How-To' Guide Is Complete BS

(0) Comments | Posted April 28, 2016 | 11:28 AM

The University of Washington made a bit of a misstep when they published a guide to cheerleader "do's" and "don'ts" -- solely focused on very specific physical qualifications.

The infographic was shared on social media this week ahead of try-outs for the team, featuring a white, thin, young blonde...

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This Donald Trump Mask Is As Terrifying As The Real Thing

(0) Comments | Posted April 28, 2016 | 10:44 AM

Welcome to your nightmares. 

Landon Meier of Hyperflesh is a master of masks. He is known for his creepy baby masks, but has also made replicas of famous people and characters like "Breaking Bad" king Walter White and "Game of Thrones" favorite Tyrion Lannister.  

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The Moment One Mom Realized 'Life Is Not About A Number On A Scale'

(0) Comments | Posted April 28, 2016 | 10:12 AM

Numbers on a scale are nothing. 

That is what Australian blogger Constance Hall, who runs the blog Queens of Constance, discovered after a health scare. On Wednesday, the mother of four -- who admitted her "least favourite part of being a mum was losing the baby weight" --...

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