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Annie Duke


Annie Duke | Posted May 11, 2012

In the game of poker, emotional control is such an important concept that when a player loses that control we have a single word for it: Tilt. Tilt is the state of being so distraught about something that has happened that you start making bad decisions going forward. Tilt is...

Randy Taran

Adam Yauch on Happiness: Part Two

Randy Taran | Posted May 11, 2012

We recently posted portions of our interview with Adam Yauch on Project Happiness. I wanted to share the full interview. This is part two of a two part series. You can read part one here.

PH: We've been discussing that we're conditioned to keep going. We...

Alan Thicke

Boomerology: BallBusters and MotherPutters: 'Why golfers are Lousy Lovers'

Alan Thicke | Posted May 11, 2012

It's that time of year to examine the most frustrating global obsession since the last frustrating global obsession. The U.S. Open and AT&T championships are upcoming and, glory be, it's Golf Season!

The most common questions asked of golfers everywhere are:

"Why do you do it?" "Are you really wearing...

Caty Borum Chattoo

Six Pieces of Wisdom and Advice for College Grads, Inspired By and Borrowed From Norman Lear

Caty Borum Chattoo | Posted May 11, 2012

A few years ago, my professional journey brought me into the world of higher education, where I am now -- in addition to other things -- a professor. Some days, the unofficial responsibility and de facto requirement to counsel and mentor undergraduate and graduate students both surprises and amuses me,...

Raffi Cavoukian

My Pete Seeger Spring: A Visit to Say Thanks

Raffi Cavoukian | Posted May 11, 2012

On a fine spring day with trees in soft green bloom, I left Manhattan for Pete Seeger's place, near Beacon NY, courtesy of his longtime friend and noted videographer Jim Brown. During the drive Jim and I talked non-stop: about my singer-songwriter beginnings, about the early folk music scene, Jim's...
Tammy Nelson, Ph.D.

Is 'Unfollowing' Someone on Twitter the New 'Dis'?

Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. | Posted May 11, 2012

Twitter won't tell you when someone unfollows you. The only way you'll know is if you check your followers and see that you're not on their list anymore.

When Rihanna stopped following Chris Brown, it was headline news. Apparently he dissed her (short for "disrespected her") in one of...

Dustin Fitzharris

Diana Ross: Live in Central Park... Before and After the Storm

Dustin Fitzharris | Posted May 11, 2012

2012-05-09-DianaRossAlbertWatsonimage2.jpgThursday, July 21, 1983 was a sweltering hot and sticky 95-degree day in New York City. It was the ninth day of 90-degree weather in 10 days. Ladies on the street fanned themselves below noisy air-conditioner window units. Hot steam rose from the...

Marshall Fine

Interview: Bobcat Goldthwait Sharpens His Claws

Marshall Fine | Posted May 11, 2012

If Bobcat Goldthwait were a teenager today, "I'd be a kid making web content with a camera somewhere. If I was a young man, I might have bypassed the whole comedian-actor thing and just been a filmmaker."

He pauses, chuckles, then says, "Then I'd probably have spent my whole life...

Ali Sweeney

My Mother's Mother

Ali Sweeney | Posted May 11, 2012

I never had the chance to meet my mother's mother. My grandmother died of cancer when my mom was only 12 years old. And as a mother now myself, it makes me sad to think that my mom had to live her teenage years -- arguably the most formative for...

Catherine McKenzie

The 9 Craziest 'Bachelor' Contestants (WATCH)

Catherine McKenzie | Posted May 14, 2012

It's time for The Bachelorette again: one woman, 25 men. What could go wrong?

Well, based on past seasons, a lot. Will they all be there for the "right reasons," presumably being finding someone they can fall in love with and marry? Doubtful. Maybe the quest for love is...

Ellen Freudenheim

Treme Star Kermit Ruffins Opens New Orleans Speakeasy

Ellen Freudenheim | Posted May 11, 2012

The sun has barely set on the final day of the 42nd annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, when a special after-party gears up, horns blaring, in the historic Treme section of town.

Jazz trumpeter, vocalist and bandleader Kermit Ruffins, a fixture on the New Orleans jazz...