12/03/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Plea From My Dad to Independents

My dad was a life long Republican before George W. Bush. He's exactly the kind of small business owner that the Republicans pretend to care so much about. He is the original Joe the Plumber. But now he is Dogan the Independent.

And he has had enough of the Republicans and thinks McCain's pick of Sarah Palin is playing dice with our futures. Here is a plea he wrote to fellow independents about this election (this comes from a no-nonsense first generation immigrant who has lived the American dream):

Dear Independent,

Mr. McCain played biggest gamble of his life by picking Gov. Palin. If it was his own life to be endangered by his decision that would be okay. He is playing Russian roulette with the future of the US as well as the whole world. He really put his presidential ambitions in front of country.

The last couple of week's performance of Palin very clearly demonstrated that she is nothing but a pretty Beverly Hills Hillbilly. She has no substance, no culture, and no education. She is a perfect example of an Alaskan Homesteader. Her appearance on the national scene reminds me of a Homesteader's town visit once a month for a shower, laundry and groceries. This is not Vaudeville Theater. The presidency of the USA is a gravely serious business.

Last time (8 years ago) when we acted with our "folksy" desire to see a real down to earth, not very bright President, look at what happened. If you really want to repeat same mistake because your resentment over Hillary episode, abortion, religious fervor or any other reason, go ahead and enjoy the ride. The whole world is watching and wondering are we going to screw it up again.

Most influential Republicans and conservatives are cautioning us about Palin and McCain. I am asking independent minded people of this country please; please don't vote with your emotion. READ, LISTEN, COMPARE before you pull that lever. In this election, we all have a very serious responsibility. Let us do it right.

Dogan Uygur

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