10/09/2006 04:39 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Air America's Morning Show Gives You 21 Shows, 21 Reasons to Vote Against Republicans

I was a Republican until just five years ago. I think many conservative principles make plenty of sense. And even though our show, The Young Turks, is on Air America and is often characterized these days as a liberal talk show, we are not rabid partisans. In fact, we often attack Democrats when they do not stand up and do what is right.

Having said that, these are not normal times. This Republican Party is not your average, run of the mill conservatives. They are radical, out of control, grossly negligent, power obsessed, and finally and most importantly, flat out un-American.

So, that is why over the next month we are going to spend a portion of each show explaining why you must not vote for these Republicans in 2006. Starting this Monday, we have 21 shows left before the election in November. There are 21 seats that the Democrats must win to take control of Congress (15 in the House and 6 in the Senate). We are going to take these 21 remaining shows to outline the 21 reasons why the Republicans must lose at least these 21 seats so that they no longer have control over the country.

Not only is this not against all Republicans in general, it is in fact quite the opposite - it is an invitation to Republicans to listen to the show and understand why the Republicans in charge now have led them astray and hurt the country.

Every day, we will reveal a new reason why it is unconscionable to vote for the current Republican Party. We invite everyone's participation. If you want to help us put the list together, please submit your own reasons either here or through our website. If you simply want to hear the list, tune in every morning to The Young Turks on Air America (6-9AM EST).

Most importantly, if you are undecided or know anyone who is undecided, encourage them to listen to the show and even call in to share their thoughts. We believe we can change people's minds. This is not your father's Republican Party. This is a party that has gone dangerously awry. And we have 21 different reasons why.

The Young Turks