10/04/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Black Republican Flips Out at RNC

The Young Turks have been broadcasting all week long from the Republican National Convention. We have had some really interesting interviews with Duncan Hunter, Heather Wilson, Bob Barr, Sen. Dan Coats, Rep. Bob Latta, Joe Klein, Michael Medved and the list goes on (you can check out a lot of these interviews on our You Tube Channel here).

Although there were great disagreements in many of these interviews, none of them got out of hand ... except one. The founder of took exception when I suggested that George Bush might have been late in responding to Hurricane Katrina. He said he was shocked that I would suggest that late response might have cost some people's lives.

He proceeded to knock my mike down and then hit our camera on his way out. He also got within inches of my face as he stood over me. Watch it here:

Many people are wondering how this ended after he hit the camera. That knocked the stream off the air for a little while and then we got it back up and actually finished the interview with the other woman who was there. She concluded by saying we could privatize the fire department and that people who didn't buy in earlier would get burned (literally, in this case) for their lack of foresight. That way they would wisen up next time around (if there is a next time). But at least she was civil about her extreme libertarian positions, which I appreciated.

Speaking of extreme positions, you can watch this whole interview here. You can watch Duncan Hunter defend torture here. He said that we were right to use some of the same torture techniques the North Vietnamese used on John McCain. And you can watch Heather Wilson say with a straight face that Barack Obama voted to kill little babies here.

Watch The Young Turks Live Coverage of the RNC Here

(Live coverage starts at 5PM ET, until then you can see most of our interviews from the RNC and DNC here)

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