Clinton Camp: Obama's Voting Record on Iraq is Terrible and So is Ours!

03/10/2008 01:06 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On a press call today, the Clinton camp insisted that Senator Obama had an identical voting record in the Senate as Senator Clinton. Then, they emphatically stated what an abysmal record Senator Obama had in acting to end the Iraq War.

Unfortunately, they didn't take a follow-up question on this issue, but the follow-up is obvious: So, are you admitting that Senator Clinton has a terrible voting record on Iraq?

Perhaps the answer is as obvious as the question. Of course, she does. Her campaign is simply trying to mitigate the damage done by her awful record of opposing President Bush on Iraq by claiming that Obama is just as bad a leader as she is. How comforting.

There is one difference of course. Her last name is Clinton. If she had decided to fight, everyone would have paid attention. She might have been able move public opinion (although she wouldn't need to move it much since the public was already overwhelmingly against the Iraq War), she might have been able to persuade Senate colleagues and she might have built up enough pressure to move President Bush in the right direction. But we'll never know because she didn't try any of those things. Instead, she did nothing.

She didn't capitalize on her name. She didn't capitalize on her so-called experience. She could have shown leadership. She could have made a difference. Instead, she did nothing. Never won a fight against Bush. Even worse, never even tried.

And now she has the temerity to brag about it.