01/03/2008 05:14 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Live Web Coverage of the Iowa Caucus

Tonight, The Young Turks and Brave New Films will be covering the Iowa caucuses live. Starting at 7PM ET, we will simulcast a webstream on both sites. There will be wall to wall coverage of the Republican and Democratic caucuses in Iowa.

Here is a list of our guests for the night who will help us analyze the election before and after the results come in:

Richard Wolffe, from Newsweek

Adam Green, from MoveOn.Org

Sam Seder, from Air America Radio

Faiz Shakir, from Think Progress

Matt Stoller, from Open Left

Sean Paul-Kelly, editor and chief of The Agonist

Todd Beeton, from MyDD

Katrina Vanden Heuvel from The Nation

Ellen Brodsky from News Hounds

Steve Clemons, from The Washington Note

Ari Melber, from The Nation

Matt Yglesias, from The Atlantic

Richard Wolffe, Ari Melber, Adam Green and Matt Stoller will all be live in Iowa reporting from the field. Ben Mankiewicz and I will be hosting in Los Angeles. Wes Clark, Jr. will join us in the studios for analysis.

Brave New Films will also simulcast the webstream and provide a live discussion forum and latest exit poll results. Together, we will cover this caucus night as thoroughly as any media outlet in the country.

This should be one interesting night. It's very rare to have an election where there aren't reliable poll results going in to election day. Usually we have a good sense of who will win before the election is even held. But not this time. That's part of what makes Thursday night so exciting. Well, if you love politics, you'll love the live Iowa caucus coverage on The Young Turks tonight.